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Last Updated December 23, 2003


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Windows XP Web Sites

Since Windows XP comes in both a Corporate and Home Edition, we've found that the vast majority of independent sites are geared for the home user more interested in gaming, changing the desktop, and "tweaking" the OS a thousand ways from Sunday. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) To make life easier for the professional administrator, we've split this section up into resources for IT Professionals, and a section of some the top XP sites for home/power users. If you think we missed a site that should be on this page, drop us a line at  

Official Microsoft Pages
Microsoft's Windows XP Home Page
The official home of Windows XP on the Web.

Windows XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation on TechNet
Explore this comprehensive technical resource for installing, configuring, and supporting Windows XP Professional and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition in networks that use Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT© Server 4.0, and other server systems.

Windows XP Developer Center
Windows XP Developer Center, a DevX site partnered with Microsoft to provide resources, articles, downloads and other information for developers about the next version of Windows

Driver Protection List for Windows XP
This document provides a basic overview of Driver Protection in Microsoft© Windows? XP and documents the drivers that are on the Driver Protection List as of Windows XP RTM. It also explains the steps necessary to update drivers that are on the list. This document is for Windows driver producers and distributors, such as driver developers, hardware vendors, software vendors, and system manufacturers. This document is not intended for system administrators or end users

Independent Windows XP Sites for IT Professionals
A weekly XP newsletter sponsored by Sunbelt Software

Windows XP - Software Compatibility Site
A huge alphabetical index of software that lists its compatibility status with Windows XP.

XP Readiness Test
Want to see if your computer is ready to run Windows XP? Take a minute to run our tests. You'll see how your computer stacks up against the minimum and recommended hardware specs. We'll also look for software that may not run properly under Windows XP

Additional Independent Windows XP Sites
Bink Windows XP
Steven Bink's XP site. Features news, links, downloads.
Well done site that features hundreds of tips, tweaks, downloads, and cool themes for Windows XP

Windows XP Tips and Tricks
A great collection of useful tips for Windows XP as well as Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Office 95, 97 and XP, FrontPage, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Quicken and many more. Also includes a discussion forum
Provides news, support articles, discussion forums, and additional links.
News, software reviews, tips, tweaks.
Provides help, support and the latest downloads for Windows XP
Windows XP tweaks , tips, guides, drivers, forums and Downloads



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