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Automating Windows XP Installations

Deploying Windows XP on hundreds or even thousands of workstations is not a task you want to perform manually. Fortunately, Microsoft has provided a few tools to automate installations via an answer file, or using third party tools for cloning disk images.

Where to Start
HOW TO: Create the Regional and Language Settings for an Unattended Installation of Windows MultiLanguage Version 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 289125 - This article describes the regional and language settings that you can specify for an unattended installation of Windows MultiLanguage Version. 

How to Deploy Windows XP Images from Windows 2000 RIS Servers 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 304314 - You can use Windows 2000 Remote Installation Services (RIS) to deploy Windows XP images to client desktop computers, and this capability includes images that you have created by using Risetup.exe or Riprep.exe. This article describes the related changes and updates you must make to the Windows 2000 RIS server.

HOW TO: Install a Windows 2000 Image on a Windows XP Remote Installation Service Server 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 299312 - This article describes how to integrate Windows 2000 images on a Windows XP Remote Installation Services (RIS) server. The Windows XP RIS server can have both Windows XP installation images and Windows 2000 images.

How to Perform an Unattended Installation of Windows from a CD-ROM 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 216258 - This article describes how to perform an unattended installation of Windows by starting your Intel-based computer from a CD-ROM.

How the Remote Installation Boot Disk Works 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 314836 - This article describes how the remote installation boot disk works.

How to Use an Answer File to Add Base Images to a RIS Server 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 283046 - Microsoft Windows supports the use of an answer file to automate the process of adding a base image flat file to a Remote Installation Services (RIS) server. Risetup.exe is the stand-alone version of the RIS Setup Wizard that is invoked when you add a RIS image by using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in. Risetup.exe can be run without command-line arguments to invoke the Setup Wizard, or it can be run with the /auto switch if an answer file is specified on the command line

HOW TO: Use Group Policy to Deploy Windows XP in a Windows 2000-Based Network 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 314953 - This step-by-step article describes how to use Group Policy to deploy Windows XP Professional in a Windows 2000-based network. You can use Group Policy to make a Windows XP Professional upgrade available to the workstations in your network 

Using an Answer File for an Unattended Installation 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 136153 - An answer file is a text file that is used in conjunction with Setup to bypass normal Setup prompts. An unattended installation is run by specifying the /U switch with Winnt.exe or Winnt32.exe. 


How to Use Sysprep: An Introduction
This article introduces Sysprep, a tool designed for corporate system administrators, OEMs, and others who need to deploy the Windows XP operating system on multiple computers. Source:

How to Prepare Images for Disk Duplication with Sysprep
This article lists the requirements for using Sysprep as part of the disk duplication process and explains how to prepare a master installation for cloning. Source:

HOW TO: Use Sysprep.exe Tool to Automate Successful Deployment of Windows XP
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 302577 - This article describes how to use the Sysprep.exe tool to automate the successful deployment of Windows XP.

How to Use Sysprep for Auditing Installations
This article shows how you can use Sysprep to verify that a computer is functional before it is delivered to the user. Source:

How to Use Sysprep to Automate Mini-Setup
This article shows two ways to automate Mini-Setup and also explains how to use a combination of methods. Source:

How to Use Sysprep to Restore the Computer to an End-User-Ready State
This article shows how you can use Sysprep to manually or automatically restore a computer for end users. Source:

How to Use Sysprep in Factory Mode
This article explains how to use Factory mode in Sysprep to preconfigure installation options and reduce the number of images an OEM needs to maintain. Source:

Cannot See the Screen of the Remote Computer After an Unattended Setup Through Terminal Services 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 307048 - When you use Terminal Services to start an unattended setup on a remote computer, after setup finishes, you may still see only the logon prompt and you may not be able to see the screen of the remote computer. 

"Error 0x80040605 Re-arming" Error Message When You Try to Run Riprep.exe or Sysprep.exe on Windows XP
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 308554 - When you try to run Riprep.exe or Sysprep.exe on a master computer, you may receive the following Windows Product Activation error message:

Event ID 7005 When You Use Sysprep.exe with the -mini Switch
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 314940 - When you log on to your Windows XP-based computer for the first time after you run the
sysprep.exe -mini, the following event may be logged in the Event log: Event ID 7005 The LoadUserProfile call failed with the following error: The device is not ready

Master Boot Record Disks Cannot Be Converted to GPT by Means of an Unattended Setup 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 303466 - When you use the following line of code in an unattended answer file, a master boot record (MBR) disk cannot be converted to a GUID partition table (GPT) disk (where GUID is the abbreviation for globally unique identifier):

Intermittent Failures If You Use Cmdlines.txt to Install Third-Party Drivers 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 318187 - You may encounter various intermittent installation failures if you use the Cmdlines.txt file to install third-party drivers. These failures may include errors in the SetupAPI.log file, broken digital signatures, and corruption of other files 

Missing [SysprepMassStorage] Section Causes STOP 0x7B Error Message on Windows XP Sysprep Images 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 303786 - When you start Windows XP Setup after you copy an image to a new target computer, you may receive the following error message: 

Unattended Install Is Halted by Windows Logo Testing Warning During Device Detection Phase
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 293765 - During an unattended upgrade on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer, Setup may be halted during the device-detection phase by the following warning message:

Volume License Product ID Is Revealed During the Sysprep.exe Mini-Setup Wizard 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 307316 - When the mini-Setup wizard (that is scripted through the Sysprep.exe tool) runs, the volume license product ID is displayed for approximately 5 seconds. 


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