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Last Updated December 10, 2003


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Deploying Windows XP

Deploying Windows XP Professional in a company with hundreds or even thousands of workstations is a lot different than performing stand alone installation. Microsoft offers a number of tools to make deployments and migrations easier, but they still require a bit of planning and forethought. Here's where to start...

Where to Start
Best Practices for an XP Desktop Deployment
This downloadable Webcast provides the best practices to plan and prepare for an XP desktop deployment of Microsoft© Windows XP Professional and Office XP. It examines the requirements for deployment and provide the steps necessary for desktop migration. The download file is 148Mb and requires Windows Media Player 6.x or greater.

Deploying Windows XP Part I: Planning
This paper provides planning guidance for deploying Windows© XP Professional in a corporate environment, summarizing top issues to consider in each phase of deployment. Source:

Deploying Windows XP Part II: Implementing
This paper introduces automated deployment options and other tools used in deploying Windows XP in a corporate environment. As a roadmap to deployment resources, it summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each automated deployment option, and shows where to locate deployment tools. Source:

Deploying Windows XP Using Windows Product Activation
This article explains how to use Windows Product Activation (WPA) when deploying Windows XP. WPA is aimed at reducing casual copying and hard disk loading.

HOW TO: Use Sysprep.exe Tool to Automate Successful Deployment of Windows XP 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 302577 - This article describes how to use the Sysprep.exe tool to automate the successful deployment of Windows XP. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating Files and Settings
This guide explains how to use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, which eases the process of copying files and settings from your old computer to a new computer.

System Preparation Tool and Answer File Usage 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 314460 - The Windows XP System Preparation file (Sysprep.exe), the Riprep tool, and answer file functionality are different from those same elements in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Additionally, the name and location of the answer file have been changed 

Using Software Restriction Policies to Protect Against Unauthorized Software
Software restriction policies are a new feature in Microsoft© Windows? XP and Windows Server 2003. This important feature provides administrators with a policy-driven mechanism for identifying software programs running on computers in a domain, and controls the ability of those programs to execute. Software restriction policies can improve system integrity and manageability©which ultimately lowers the cost of owning a computer. Source:

User State Migration in Windows XP
This paper introduces the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard for home and small office users. It also provides a technical overview of the User State Migration Tool, a command-line tool for administrators in a corporate environment.

Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows XP: Deployment Methods
Online Support site WebCast During this session, we will discuss methods to deploy Microsoft Windows XP. We will also discuss the initial questions that need to be answered before you prepare your environment for a Windows XP deployment.

WebCast: Preparing Your Network for a Windows XP Professional Roll Out 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 324884 - In this Support WebCast, we are going to discuss the how to prepare your network to roll out Microsoft Windows XP Professional in a corporate or small business environment. We will cover concepts such as basic network preparedness, determining hardware compatibility, preparing name resolution, Active Directory concerns, product activation, and Remote Installation Services (RIS).

Cookies, Network Printers, or Drive Mappings Are Not Migrated If You Use the User State Migration Tool  
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 319854 - If you use the User State Migration Tool to migrate user account information, the following user account information may not be migrated:

Sysdiff.exe Deployment Tool Is Not Included in Windows XP 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 298389 - The Sysdiff.exe deployment utility is not included on the Windows XP CD-ROM. This article provides alternative resources you may be able to use to deploy Windows XP. (updated 1/30/2002) 

Volume License Product ID Is Revealed During the Sysprep.exe Mini-Setup Wizard 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 307316 - When the mini-Setup wizard (that is scripted through the Sysprep.exe tool) runs, the volume license product ID is displayed for approximately 5 seconds. (updated 132002)

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