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Getting Started with Windows Server 2003


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Where to Start
Microsoft's Windows 2003 Server Home Page
The official home for Windows 2003 Server, includes the latest documentation, downloads, feature guides, and Beta documentation. Source:

Download the Guided Tour
Download the Guided Tour and install it on your computer to experience how Windows Server 2003 reduces costs while delivering solutions that help organizations do more with less. The Guided Tour shows you how to configure Windows Server 2003 to create more efficient business solutions and introduces you to important new technologies and tools

Windows Server 2003 System Requirements
A look at the hardware requirements for Microsoft's latest operating systems. Source:

Windows Server 2003 Overview
Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows Server 2003 next month. The April 24 launch will be the result of a three-year effort since the February 2000 launch of Windows 2000. The development cycle was marked by frequent changes of direction, each highlighted by constant renaming of the operating system, and cascading delays. In other words, it's finally time to pay attention. The details of the operating system are now set, and it's possible to evaluate what they mean for your organization. Source: ENT Online (Feb 2003)

Windows Server 2003 Reviewer's Guide
This downloadable 110-page reviewer's guide can help anyone evaluating the product get an in-depth look at important improvements and new features in Windows Server 2003. Source:

WebCast: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Family: Overview and New Features
Level:100 During this Support WebCast, we will discuss the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family. We will talk about its features and the improvements that have been made since Windows 2000.

Technical Overviews
Designed for IT professionals, developers, and technical decision makers, these articles provide a broad overview of each core technology area in Windows Server 2003.

Top 10 Features for Organizations Upgrading from Windows 2000 Server
Here are the major new features and improvements for organizations considering upgrading to Windows Server 2003 from Windows 2000 Server.

Top 10 Features for Organizations Upgrading from Windows NT Server 4.0
Here are the major new features and improvements for organizations considering upgrading from Windows NT Server 4.0.

What's New in Active Directory
A central component of the Windows platform, the Active Directory© service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. Discover new features, and improvements in this white paper.

What's New in the Windows Server 2003 Family 
An excerpt from the Getting Started book for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition which provides an in depth summary of the new features in Windows Server 2003.

What's New in Windows Server 2003
Get summaries of new or improved features for each of the key technologies in the Windows Server 2003 family.

Windows Server 2003 Demos
See Windows Server 2003 in action with these online demos.

Industry Reviews and Analysis

New OS is faster, safer to manage
We tested Windows Server 2003, which officially launches this week, and found that Microsoft's new server operating system delivers better performance, tighter security and easier management than its predecessor. Source: NetworkWorldFusion (April 2003)

The Windows Server 2003 Checklist
No one needs to tell you that budgets are tight. So look here for answers to the essential question: Is this operating system a critical upgrade? We run through a number of scenarios where Windows Server 2003 is essential, others where it's useful and still others where it's not.

Windows Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003: A Preview
With the impending release of Windows Server 2003 on April 24, Microsoft is making a slew of changes to the various editions of the server operation system, as well as changes to Windows Terminal Services in terms of offerings and licensing. Marcin Policht details the changes and how they'll affect you. Source:


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