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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Print Spooling

Spooling is an acronym for Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line, and refers to the process of loading documents into a buffer (usually an area on a hard drive) until the printer is ready. This allows you to place multiple print jobs into a queue and print them in the background instead of waiting for each one to finish. This section lists various technical references about print spooling in Windows 2000, as well as some troubleshooting tips.
Cannot Browse Shared Printers When Using More than One Print Spooler
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 246390 - If you create more than one print spooler in a resource group, one or more print spoolers may not work properly or work intermittently. You may also not be able to browse to shared printers from client computers. 

Enhanced Metafile Spooling Architecture in Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 155676 - In Windows NT 4.0, Enhanced Metafile (EMF) spooling has replaced Windows NT 3.x Journaling. This makes the Windows NT print model similar to the print model used by Windows 95. EMF spool files are used to greatly reduce the amount of time 

Error Message: Server Spool Directory Location Is Invalid
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 240905 - When you change the spool folder on the Advanced tab in Print Server properties, you may receive the following error message: Server spool directory location is invalid

Print Spooler Support on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Cluster
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228904 - You can use Microsoft Cluster Server to create and host print server functionality. The configuration steps are improved in Windows 2000, compared to how the configuration is performed in Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition. 

Windows 2000 Print Spooler Performance Enhancements
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 240683 - Windows 2000 includes several print spooler optimizations designed to significantly reduce startup time. This article lists these print spooler enhancements. 

Windows 2000 Print Spooler Does Not Delete Print Job Spool File
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 216221 - When you send a print job to a printer, the print spooler may not delete the spool file from the %Systemroot%\System32\Spool\Printers folder when the print job is completed, and the print spooler may repeatedly attempt to spool the print job


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