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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Microsoft Fax Service

The installation of the Microsoft Fax Service is automatic when you install a modem capable of sending and receiving faxes. Once installed, sending a fax is as easy as using a printer - simply select the document, choose print, and then choose Fax instead of your printer. 
Useful Articles
Default Values for Fax Permissions in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 226010 - This article describes the default values for Fax permissions in Windows 2000. This information may be useful if you encounter issues with Fax for Windows 2000 or you cannot view your Fax printers. 

Description of Fax Event Counters in Performance Monitor 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 231576 - This article describes the fax events counters in Performance Monitor. 

How to Configure Outlook 2000 or a MAPI E-mail Client to Receive Windows 2000 Fax Service Messages
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 246151 - To gain access to the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) e-mail client profile, you must configure the Microsoft Windows 2000 Fax Service to run under an Administrator account. 

HOW TO: Configure Windows 2000 to Send and Receive Faxes 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227194 - This article describes how to configure Windows 2000 to send and receive faxes.

How to Create and Use a Fax Cover Page with Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 241315 - This article describes how to create fax cover pages and how to use them when you send a fax using Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office 2000. 

How to Create Cover Pages for Fax Documents with Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227195 - This article describes how to create, add, edit, or delete fax cover pages in Windows 2000.

HOW TO: How to Install and Configure Fax Services on Windows 2000 Server
This step-by-step article describes how to install and configure Microsoft Fax Services on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server-based computer.

How to Manage Fax Documents Using Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227197 - This article describes how to manage fax documents using Windows 2000. 

How to Manage Fax Printers with Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227198 - This article describes how to manage fax printers in Windows 2000. 

How to Monitor Microsoft Fax Events in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229901 - This article describes how to monitor Microsoft Fax events.

How to Send a Fax Document Using Outlook 2000 in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227196 - This article describes the steps to send a fax document using Outlook 2000 in Windows 2000. 

How to Set Permissions for the Fax Service in Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 231577 - This article describes how to set the permissions for the Fax service.

Microsoft Fax Is installed When Direct Cable Connection Is Added
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229737 - When you add a "Communications cable between two computers" connection using either the "Phone and Modems Options" tool in Control Panel or the Add/Remove Hardware Wizard, a fax printer is automatically installed in the Printers folder. 

Windows 2000 Fax Service Is Not Shareable
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 220139 - Although the Windows 2000 Fax service does have a Sharing tab, you cannot share the Fax service. If you click the Sharing tab, you receive the message "Sharing is not supported." 

Troubleshooting MS Fax: Known Bugs and Issues
Cannot Send Fax to Local E-mail Inbox Using Outlook 2000 and Windows 2000 Fax Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 256654 - When you are configuring the properties of your modem in the Fax Service Management console by clicking 

Cannot Open the My Faxes Folder by Double-Clicking the Fax Notification Icon 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 271608 - When you use the Microsoft Fax service in Windows 2000, if you receive a fax document, the Fax Notification icon is activated in the system tray. However, you cannot open the My Faxes folder by double-clicking this icon. 

Description of Event IDs for the Microsoft Fax Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229827 - This article describes the event IDs for the Microsoft Fax service. The event IDs are displayed in the application log in Event Viewer. 

Distinctive Ring Is Not Supported by Windows 2000 Fax
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 272943 - Windows 2000 Fax does not support the distinctive ring feature. Because of this, Windows 2000 Fax cannot distinguish calls for distinct numbers if the phone line is enabled with distinctive ring. 

Fax Notification Icon Is Not Displayed on Taskbar
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227441 - After you configure the Fax Service in Windows, the Fax Notification icon is not displayed on the Windows taskbar until "fax event" occurs.

Fax Property Dialog Box Not Updated If Cover Page Editor Is Open
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 221975 - The Fax server and client dialog boxes are not redrawn correctly while Cover Page Editor is running. 

Fax Queue Displays Jobs in Reverse Order
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229471 - Fax jobs are shown in reverse order in the fax queue. For example, the next job in the queue is shown at the bottom of the list. 

Fax Service Does Not Use Dialing Rule Calling Card Information
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 239888 - The default fax configuration does not use the calling card information contained in your dialing rules. For example, when you send a fax after selecting the dialing rule with the appropriate calling card information, the number to be dialed 

Fax Status Monitor Shows Status for Only One Fax Device
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 227282 - This article describes the behavior of the Windows 2000 Fax Status Monitor when you install two fax devices on the server.

HP OfficeJet T and G Series Fax Device May Not Work Properly
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 256859 - Devices such as Hewlett-Packard (HP) OfficeJet T-series and G-series fax/printers may not work properly. 

Incorrect Number of Fax Jobs in Printers Folder View
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 245702 - When you view a fax printer in the Printers folder, the number of fax jobs listed may be zero, or may be twice the number of jobs that are actually queued (depending on the status of the fax printer). 

Microsoft Fax Service Allows Using Only Two Fax Devices
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 260028 - When you are using the Microsoft Fax service in Windows 2000, the Fax Service snap-in displays only the first two fax-capable devices in the Devices section. This behavior occurs even if there are more than two devices capable of sending and receiving faxes.

Microsoft Fax Service Job Does Not Appear for Client in a Terminal Services Session
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 258498 - When you submit a fax job from a Terminal Services client as a "normal" user, a Job Submitted Successfully dialog box appears. However, when you check Print Manager to see the status of the job, the fax job may not appear. If you stop and restart the Spooler service as an administrator, the fax job may appear and be processed correctly. 

NET STOP Command Does Not Work on Microsoft Fax Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228880 - When you attempt to use the NET STOP command on the Fax service, you may receive the following message: 

Send Fax Wizard Cannot Read Entries Stored as an Outlook Contact
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 231360 - When you print a document to the Fax printer, you can select only contacts from the Windows Address Book (WAB). There is no option to select contacts stored in other messaging programs (such as Microsoft Outlook contacts). 

Status Monitor Shows Status of Highest-Priority Fax Device Only
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 211160 - You can install and configure two modems for faxing in Windows 2000. However, if you send two faxes at the same time, Status Monitor shows the status of only the highest-priority fax device. You cannot see the status of faxes on the other device, nor can you click End Fax Call to end the fax session for the other device. 

Telcom Fax 3.0 Fax/Print Service Prevents Adding New Printer
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 155568 - When you attempt to add a new printer, you may receive the following error message: 

Users Group Cannot Send Fax
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 248427 - When you try to send a fax using any program, the fax job may not appear in the queue for the Fax device and may not be sent.

Windows Fax Does Not Retransmit the Same Page After it Receives a Retrain Negative Command
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 314510 -
When you receive a fax from a Windows 2000 or Windows XP-based computer, a partial or complete page may be missing, and this may occur even after the receiving fax sent a retrain negative command. 


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