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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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windows 2000 setup, installation icon

Windows 2000 Installation, Setup, and Configuration

Windows 2000 isn't terribly difficult to setup, but it does require some forethought and can be tricky with the wrong hardware.  This page includes General installation guidelines, known installation issues, dual booting Windows 2000 and other Operating Systems,  and post installation options.
Resource Centers:

Installation Basics 
Get it right the first time with our collection of preplanning guides, installation walkthroughs and checklists.
Boot Disks
Articles on creating startup. network, RIS, and recovery boot disks for Windows 2000
Boot.ini Configuration Options
The Boot.ini file gives you control over the boot process 
Dual Booting
Articles and Advice on Dual Booting Windows 2000 with other operating systems.
How to Articles
Post installation configuration tips, and best practices.
Hardware Configuration
General setup and configuration guides for common issues.
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Articles and whitepapers related to using RIS to deploy customized drive images to remote clients.
Resources for the Sysprep utility which prepares a hard disk for duplication or cloning.
Unattended and Remote Installations
Resources for creating automated installation, including walkthroughs, and script syntax. 
Windows 2000 Installation Bugs
Our LabMice BugWatch archive of known Windows 2000 installation bugs and pitfalls.
Windows NT Upgrade Issues
Archive of known issues when upgrading to Windows 2000 from Windows NT.
Windows 95/98 Upgrade Issues
Archive of known issues when upgrading to Windows 2000 from Windows 95/98.
Special Features
Pre-installation Checklist
Our collection of tips and traps for installing or upgrading Windows 2000 Professional or Server.
Post Installation Checklist
A list of important options to consider after the basic installation is finished.
Windows 2000 Installation Security Checklist
Our security checklist for locking down Windows 2000 Servers and Workstations.
Windows 2000 Installation FAQ
Our list of Frequently asked questions about Windows 2000 installations.
Useful Articles

List of Clients and Languages Supported by Windows 2000 for MAPI Migration
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 252668 - This article lists clients and languages supported by Windows 2000 for Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) migration when you upgrade your computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows 95 to Windows 2000. (updated 4/19/2001) 

Windows 2000: Current Setup Issues: Tuesday, July 18, 2000
Microsoft Support WebCast covers some common issues related to the setup of Windows 2000. This will include hardware issues, deployment issues, and other setup-related issues. You can also download the presentation in a PowerPoint file.

Windows NT and Windows 2000 Coexistence
Windows 2000 Magazine columnist Paula Sharick shares some of the discoveries she made while working in a mixed environment of NT and Windows 2000. Source Windows 2000 Magazine (Jan 25, 2000)

Windows 2000 Compatibility Updates
Windows 2000 was specifically designed to allow customers to add additional application support easily after the product shipped. The October 2000 package is the fourth release of additional application support and it includes software compatibility updates for Windows 2000. The October 2000 package includes compatibility updates of the August 2000, May 2000, and February 2000 packages.

Windows 2000 was specifically designed to allow customers to add additional application support easily after the product shipped. The March 2001 package is the sixth release of additional application support, and it includes software compatibility updates for Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility
Download this utility if you have installed the Windows 2000 Evaluation Edition and want to upgrade it to full code using the Windows 2000 Upgrade CD. To successfully complete the upgrade, you will need to have a valid qualifying Windows CD such as Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0. If you are trying to upgrade using the Standard (non-upgrade) Windows 2000 CD, you do not need this download. You can successfully upgrade the Evaluation Edition with a Standard Windows 2000 CD.

Recommended Books:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Installation and Configuration Handbook
By Jim Boyce, Published by Que, February 2000, Paperback, 598 pages. ISBN 0789721333
Jim was a former contributing editor for Windows Magazine, and his experience shows in the numerous tips and cautions included on almost every page. Written for the intermediate and advanced administrator, the author assumes you are familiar with NT 4.0 and doesn't "talk down" to the reader. This also makes for a shorter book. Jim covers the subject of installations in under 100 pages, and focuses the rest of the book on configuring everything else about Windows 2000. (hardware, registry, IIS, user groups, dial up connections, etc.,) Overall we liked this book and felt that it's a good reference for desktop support and deployment teams who already have NT experience (Jim's tips alone are worth the price)..

Windows 2000 Deployment and Desktop Management
By Jeffrey Ferris, Published by New Riders Publishing, April 2000, Paperback 371 pages, ISBN 0735709750 Geared for the experienced administrator actually responsible for deploying Windows 2000 Professional, this book makes a great strategy and planning guide as well as a technical reference during the actual rollout. This book is divided into 3 sections, all of which are about 100 pages long. It begins with a straight forward look at developing a desktop standard, deployment options, answer files, and RIS. The next section focuses on Desktop Management, group policy objects, Intellimirror, application management, and security. The writing is clear, concise, and doesn't waste your time. The author frequently offers plenty of personal tips and real world advice. The stunning part was the +120 page Appendix which provides an index of common file extensions, a complete answer file syntax reference (invaluable!), and sample answer files by the author. Check out the companion website for updates and more information.

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