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Microsoft Online Seminars on Windows 2000 Deployment and Migrations

Microsoft Online Seminars are free streaming audio and video technical presentations that you can view over the web, if you have a reasonably fast connection (+56k). Often, these seminars are given by Microsoft's senior engineers, heads of product development, and other insiders that can offer in depth information and advice. Most of these are under an hour long, and make a great lunchtime breakout session.

Deploying BackOffice Applications on Windows Clusters
Product: Windows© 2000
DNS Category: Infrastructure (I) - (I) Network
Track: Network Infrastructure September 23, 1999
85 min., 24 sec.; 55 slides

Deploying Windows 2000 with Systems Management Server 2.0
Systems Management Server 2.0 can help you automate the Windows© 2000 implementation and migration process. Simplify your planning, installing, distributing, and monitoring of the new Windows? 2000 operating system. Microsoft Online Seminar - (Dec 1999)

Domain Migration Strategies and Windows 2000
Product: Microsoft Windows 2000
Topic: Windows - General Information
DNS Category: Infrastructure (I) - (I) Management
Track: Network Infrastructure September 23, 1999
78 min., 9 sec.; 58 slides

Domain Migration Strategies
Whether you're migrating from a Windows NT single domain environment or multiple domains with complex trust relationships, careful planning is the key for a smooth transition to Windows© 2000 Microsoft Online Seminar - (Feb 2000)

Microsoft Windows 2000 Deployment Methods
Product: Windows 2000
DNS Category: -Track: Enterprise Architecture September 23, 1999
60 min., 09 sec.; 21 slides

Migrating from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT Server
Product: Microsoft Windows NT© Server 4.0
Topic: Technical
DNS Category: Business Operations (BO) - (BO) Enterprise Resource Planning
Track: Windows Services November 14, 1998
16 minutes, 58 seconds; 30 slides

Planning for Windows NT 4.0 Deployment
Product: Windows NT 4.0
Topic: Windows - General Information
DNS Category: Infrastructure (I) - (I) Applications
Track: Windows Services October 16, 1998
1 hour, 24 minutes, 21 seconds; 36 slides

The Windows 2000 Netware Migration
Windows 2000 interoperability tools and the information you get here will eliminate the need to "rip and replace" when migrating from Netware to Windows© 2000. Microsoft Online Seminar - (January 2000)

Top Three Actions to Prepare Your Current Network for Microsoft Windows 2000
Product: Windows 2000
Topic: Interoperability
DNS Category: Infrastructure (I) - (I) Network
Track: Network Infrastructure February 26, 1998
7 minutes, 20 seconds; eight slides

Windows 2000: The Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Upgrade
Product: Microsoft Windows 2000
Topic: Setup, Distribution and System Administration
DNS Category: -Track: Windows Services August 31, 1999
64 min., 42 sec.; 15 slides


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