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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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windows 2000 regestry icon

The Windows 2000 Registry

For those new to Windows 2000, the Registry is where the Operating System stores most of its configuration data. Almost everything you do in the Windows 2000 GUI, is ultimately translated into an entry in the Registry. Fortunately, Microsoft allows Administrators the capability to edit the Registry directly to fine tune parameters and make some custom tweaks.  On the down side, haphazard edits to the Registry is the surest way we know to cripple a perfectly good system.
 DO NOT edit the Registry if you don't know what you're doing. And always back it up first. You've been warned.
Resource Centers...
Getting Started
FAQ's, tutorials, primers, and other resources to get you started.
Books about the Windows Registry
Our picks and reviews of the best Windows 2000 Registry Books.
Editing the Registry
An overview of the tools and techniques used to edit the Registry
Managing the Registry
Resources for keeping your Registry healthy and in peak condition.
Troubleshooting Registry Issues
Known bugs and issues with the Windows 2000 Registry.
Registry Utilities
Award winning Freeware and Shareware Utilities for editing and managing the Registry.
Resource Sites - Focus on NT - Registry Info
Additional articles and Utilities for editing the Registry 

JSI and Windows NT Magazine 
Huge resource of Windows NT Tips, Tricks, Registry Hacks and more...
Another great index of Registry hacks.

Wayne's Registry Index
A large index of various Registry tips listed alphabetically. Very useful

Windows Registry Guide
An excellent page with tricks, tips and tweaks for Windows 95/98/NT

Appendix A - RAS Registry Values
When you install the Remote Access Service on a Windows NT Server computer, the Setup program adds the Remote Access key to the Windows NT Registry. The Remote Access key and its subkeys contain parameters specific to Remote Access. This appendix tells you how to modify Remote Access parameters in the Registry.

Registry Values for Process Control Parameters
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 296930 - You can manually manipulate the Process Control service registry values for administrative functions or for troubleshooting purposes. This article describes the parameters for the Process Control service components that are stored in the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ProcCon\Parameters  (updated 7/11/2001) 

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