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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Getting Started with the Windows 2000 Registry

For those new to Windows 2000, the Registry is where the Operating System stores most of its configuration data. Almost everything you do in the Windows 2000 GUI, is ultimately translated into an entry in the Registry. Fortunately, Microsoft allows Administrators the capability to edit the Registry directly to fine tune parameters and make some custom tweaks.  On the down side, haphazard edits to the Registry is the surest way we know to cripple a perfectly good system.
 DO NOT edit the Registry if you don't know what you're doing. And always back it up first. You've been warned.
Where to Start...
Editing the Windows NT Registry
Editing the NT Registry can be scary. Understanding the parts of the Registry and how the Registry editors work makes this task easier. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Jan 1999)

Inside the Registry
Great article by Mark Russinovich  Learn how NT organizes and manages this crucial database. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (May 1999)

Inside the Windows NT Registry
Tour the Registry and find out how it organizes data, and check out a few handy Registry settings. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (April 1997)

Registry Secrets
Paula Sharick shows you how to alter the Registry. Beware, however! You're treading in dangerous territory! Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Oct 1995)

Secrets of the NT Registry
Excellent Intro article and tips Source: Windows Magazine (July 1998)

Troubleshooting and configuring the Windows NT/95 Registry Recommended!!!
A online book available from the Macmillan Library. Free online registration required.


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