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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Indexing Service

The Indexing Service is available on all versions of Windows 2000 and creates indexes of the contents and properties of documents on your local hard drive as well as shared network drives. Indexing Service is designed to run continuously and requires little, if any, maintenance. (Note that Indexing Service is not enabled by a default Windows 2000 installation)
Where to Start...
Indexing Service at your fingertips
Understanding how Indexing Service works is easy. After you install Indexing Service, it searches the system and builds catalogs that contain an index of file-system items and their property information. The program runs periodically to update the catalogs. Each time a user performs a search in the catalogs, the search uses the index. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (July 2000)

HOW TO: Optimize Indexing Service Performance in Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 317586 - This step-by-step article describes how to optimize Indexing service performance on a Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer.

Troubleshooting: Known Bugs and Issues
Indexing Service Cannot Index or Search Based on Document Summary Information
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 262666 - The Indexing service may not be able to index or search for documents based on summary information stored by using Windows Explorer. Specifically, summary information that you add by using Windows Explorer cannot be retrieved in query result

Indexing Service Searches That Use Date Strings Return Unexpected Results
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 283163 - When you search for strings that are interpreted as dates by the Indexing service in Windows 2000 may return unexpected results. For example, a search for Jan12345 may also return hits for Jan67890.

Index Server Timeout Is Not Reported When You Execute a Query over Multiple Catalogs
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 272763 - If a query over multiple catalogs exceeds the time limit for execution (the MaxQueryExecution Time registry parameter), Indexing Service does not report that the query timed out before it finished.

Index Server Query Timeout Does Not Function 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 252313 - Indexing Service query timeouts may not work. Unlike Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, Windows 2000 allows expensive queries not to timeout, which can cause the site to become unresponsive.

Indexes Larger Than Four Gigabytes May Become Corrupted
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 258075 - If the index that is used by the Windows 2000 Indexing service exceeds four gigabytes (GB) in size, it may become corrupted, which may cause data loss.

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