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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS)

Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS)

Microsoft's Clustering Service (originally called Wolfpack) was introduced in NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition, and will also be part of Windows 2000 Advanced Server and DataCenter products. Clustering was assigned to address the needs of mission-critical application servers that needed zero downtime. By grouping a number of dedicated servers together that share an identical function, the servers monitor each others health and will automatically step in and carry the load when one of the servers is down.

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Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility List
Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) is only supported if it is installed on a hardware configuration that has been tested for compatibility with the MSCS software. A list of validated hardware configurations can be found on the HCL link above.

Cluster-Aware Products List
This list showcases products that use the clustering capabilities of Microsoft© Cluster Service, a component of Windows NT© Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition, and of Windows© 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Server. 

Top Issues for Cluster Server
Check here for the top questions and answers for Cluster Server.

Windows Hardware Quality Labs Homepage
These pages contain the most current testing documentation for a Windows Operating systems, including Windows NT and Windows 2000 Cluster Servers

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