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Last Updated December 10, 2003

Clustering Services
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Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS)

Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS)

Backing Up a WINS Database on a Windows 2000 Cluster
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 283290 - When you configure the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) to run as a resource on a Windows 2000-based server that is running the Microsoft Cluster service, the typical procedures for backing up the WINS database are not available. The Back Up Database command is not available (grayed out) in the Action menu in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), or in the properties for the WINS server.

Microsoft Cluster Service Disaster Recovery
Discover effective disaster recovery scenarios for Microsoft Cluster Service in Windows NT Server and Windows 2000. While server clusters are designed to prevent individual server downtime, they are still vulnerable to catastrophic local disasters such as power outages, floods and fires. Gain clear strategies and techniques for implementing off-site or remote protection for clusters using products from Dell Computer, Microsoft Corp. and NSI Software. Microsoft Online Seminar (March 30, 2000)

Disk Replacement for Windows 2000 Server Cluster
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 224075 - It can be costly to make mistakes while replacing a cluster disk; the consequences can be irrecoverable loss of all the data on that disk. If the disk is the quorum disk, the cluster's configuration data is at risk.

How to Manually Re-Create the Cluster Service Account
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 269229 - During the installation process for Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), the specified domain account is granted rights that are necessary for the Cluster service to function correctly. If you ever need to change or re-create the account, you must manually grant these rights back to the domain account that is used to start the Cluster service. 

How to Properly Restore Cluster Information
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 248998 - This article describes how to restore cluster database information. 

Recovering from a Lost or Corrupted Quorum Log
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 245762 - The Cluster service may not start if a hardware failure occurs or power is lost to both nodes of a cluster and to the storage device known as the quorum on the shared device bus. In such cases, the following error message may occur when you attempt to start the Cluster service on the forming node of the server cluster: 


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