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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Windows 2000 Backup and Recovery

A well thought out and executed backup strategy can save your business (and your job if you were unlucky enough to make a mistake). Unfortunately, the Windows 2000's built in Backup utilities come up a bit short for anything but a small LAN or a standalone server.  We've put together some of the best resources we could find on the topic, hopefully you'll use them to develop a backup plan before you need it. (And don't forget to test it as well.)

Where to Start
FAQ's and Tutorials that cover the basics of backing up and restoring files on Windows 2000
How To Articles
Technical Articles that discuss specific operations for running NTBackup.
Disaster Recovery
Articles, planning guides, sample disaster plans, templates, and other resources.
Recovery Console & Safe Boot
Windows 2000 allows several options for booting to a minimal set of drivers for troubleshooting or system recovery.
Scheduling Backups
Tips and tricks for running automated unattended backups.
Our index of known bugs and issues. Find what files are skipped in Ntbackup, which tape drives fail, and how to fix common issues before they come up.
Differences Between Manual and Fast Repair in Windows 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 238359 - Windows includes two repair choices: Manual Repair or Fast Repair.

HOW TO: Replace a Driver on a Windows 2000-Based Computer That Will Not Start  
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 313670 - This step-by-step article describes how to replace a driver on a Windows 2000-based computer that will not start.

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