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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Troubleshooting Windows 2000

One of the more frustrating and time consuming functions of being an administrator is troubleshooting crashes and sometimes elusive performance problems. Developing a methodology for finding and fixing problems is crucial if you want to resolve issues quickly, but you have to know where to start looking and how Windows 2000 records information. These guides will give you a head start.
Where to Start
Primer guides, tutorials, resources, etc.
General Troubleshooting Guides
Broad based guides for troubleshooting hardware, network, peripherals, etc.,
Boot.ini files
Editing and creating boot.ini files.
Boot and Startup Issues
Articles and advice related to known boot and startup failures in Windows 2000
Emergency Repair Disks
Articles and Resources on creating and using ERD's as part of the Windows 2000 Repair process.
Error Codes
Stop errors, Blue screen error codes, etc.,
Event Logging
Getting the most out of the system, security, and application event logs.
Hang Conditions
Index of articles on known bugs and conditions that may cause Windows 2000 to hang. 
"How to" Articles
Specific troubleshooting guides and helpful articles.
Memory dumps
How to generate, decipher, and use memory dump files.
Memory Leaks
Resources for finding and fixing memory and pool leaks
Performance Tuning
Using perfmon, parameters, improving performance, etc.,
Recovery Console & Safe Boot
Windows 2000 allows several options for booting to a minimal set of drivers for troubleshooting or system recovery.
Task Manager
Provides information about programs and processes running on your computer. 
Technical Articles
Misc. specifications and articles.
Windows 2000 Installation Bugs
Our archive of known Windows 2000 installation bugs and pitfalls.
Windows NT Upgrade Issues
Our archive of known issues when upgrading to Win2000 from Windows NT.
Windows 95/98 Upgrade Issues
Our archive of known issues when upgrading from Windows 95/98.
Resource Links
Microsoft DLL Help Database
Getting an error with a particular DLL and can't figure out what the file does, and where it came from? Just enter the file name into Microsoft's searchable database, and it will give you basic information about the file including a description of the DLL's function, what Microsoft product installed the file, whether the file is self registering, and other details.

Microsoft TechNet
This should be the first choice for experienced Administrators. Contains over 150,000 articles that covers the NT manuals and the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Microsoft Product Support Services
Need professional Microsoft Support? Stop here to see what options are available.
Geared for all versions of Windows, but provides useful flowcharts, tips, and other resources.

Top Issues for Windows 2000
List of the top Microsoft Support Issues for Windows 2000, organized by topic.

Network crash survival tips
Think you're prepared for a major meltdown? Think again. This checklist helps you cover all the bases. Source: EarthWeb (May 19, 2000)

Windows 2000 Customer Support Diagnostics 
The Microsoft Windows 2000 Customer Support Diagnostics package consists of important tools and data for diagnosing your Windows 2000 system.

Windows 2000 Help Files 
Download your choice of Help files for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows 2000 Advanced Server. You can install the Help files you need, regardless of which Windows 2000 platform you have on your computer.


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