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Last Updated December 10, 2003

Article Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in submitting your article for consideration. Below are our submission guidelines.


Why Write for Us?
This web site was started as a free research tool for IT professionals, and we are committed to being the most comprehensive online resource available. Publishing your original work on can offer a number of benefits including:

Improving your professional credentials
Writing articles establishes your expertise better than almost any other marketing tool and is a great way to build your credibility. Listing your accomplishments as an established author on your resume really makes an impact during a job interview and helps you stand apart from the crowd.
Unmatched exposure to a global community
An article published on will be read by the thousands of technical professionals from around the world who visit us every day. To ensure that your article reaches the largest audience possible, we do not require visitors to register or logon to view or content, or restrict access to any premium content. Very few print magazine and web pages can match our ability to reach your peers.
Help your peers
Writing for us gives you an opportunity to "give back" to the IT community at large by sharing your hard earned knowledge. By helping us "fill the holes" in the existing technical documentation, you can pass on the real world expertise that would otherwise be lost to the world. If your article is read 3,000 times a month (a typical average for a single article on our site), you would have helped over 36,000 people in one year alone. 
Live documents
Unlike a print magazine which gets thrown out every month, a web document on our site is read throughout the year and can be updated, edited, and expanded as new information becomes available. We frequently update our own documents based on user feedback, resources discovered after initial publication, and product changes. Very few print or electronic publications have this flexibility.
Make additional money
If you are a previously unpublished or unknown author, and are submitting a non-commissioned article, we pay between $60 -$100 per article depending on its length, content, and illustrations. If you are an established author, please contact us directly to discuss rates and commission terms.

What we are looking for:
Field Notes, Best Practices, lessons learned, white papers, written material, guidelines, how-to's, technical explanations, etc. about almost any It topic including Windows 2000 Administration, Computer Security, Technical Project Management, etc. Obviously we want "real world" documents, and not things that are easily found in any textbooks. You must be the original author/creator of the document and most declare that all of the content of the submitted work is original, unless referenced with permission from the original author.

Submitting Articles
Before submitting an article to us, send us an e-mail letting us know about your intended topic, a quick bio about yourself and your qualifications, why you think the topic is important, who the intended audience is, and a brief outline of your intended article.
Writers should familiarize themselves with the our style and format prior to submitting a query. Please include your estimate of the approximate length of the article and if it includes any illustrations or screenshots. All serious submissions will receive a reply. If we are interested in your article, we will send you a reply, which will include a contract and a fee offer. 

Article Guidelines
All submitted documents must be sent electronically via e-mail in either Plain Text, or Word format. The article should be a minimum length of one full page (1,000 to 1,500 words) using a 10pt Arial as a font. Payment for original feature articles begins at 25 cents per word based on the final, edited word count.
We do not guarantee publication of assigned articles, and publication may be advanced or delayed for space or editorial considerations. We pay a 25 percent kill fee for assigned articles that are not used. No kill fee will be paid if articles are delivered after deadline or if the author fails to comply with requests for revisions or additional research. Screenshots should be in either .GIF or .JPEG format in a reasonable size. When submitting articles, please include the images in a separate ZIP file. You article may be edited for content and style, but the final version is sent back to you for approval. You will be paid once the article is actually published (about 1 -2 weeks after the final edit). All published articles become the property of  We reserve the right to refuse article submissions for any reason.

Style Guidelines
Please avoid the following:

  • first person point of view
  • negative personal opinions
  • social injustice or public impropriety issues
  • profanity (except when quoting a source)
  • use of gender-specific nouns and pronouns to the exclusion of the opposite gender.
The following additional guidelines are suggested:
  • The article should contain a strong lead, an article body that develops and delivers on the lead, and a definitive conclusion.
  • Quotes, facts, statistics, and anecdotes that illustrate the point should be included and presented in an interesting way.
  • Please seek out recognized experts in their respective fields for quotes and interviews.
  • While objective articles are preferred, stress on the positive aspects of the subject matter is preferred to a negatively slanted article.

Related Web Content
If you have an Windows NT/2000 related web page that contains original content and have lost your server space (or no longer want to maintain the page), let us know. We have over plenty of disk space and bandwidth, so we can either mirror your page here, or integrate your content with ours.

Freeware, Shareware, Code Samples
Utilities, add-ons to Microsoft RKU's, Batch files, source code, VB and PERL Plug-ins, whatever. If it's original, stable, and useful we'd love to see it. All freeware will be posted directly to the site. Any shareware submitted will only be linked back to your page, and it MUST be supported.

LabMice will consider all software submitted, but reserves the right not to post it for any reason. All software submissions must include explanation/summaries of function as well as documentation. (We test all the software before we post it.)

  • Software under 2Mb can be e-mail directly to

  • Software/Freeware between 2Mb-10Mb can be submitted by sending us a link to the download site.

  • Software over 10Mb must be mailed to us to be considered for review. Full working versions are preferred for more accurate testing.


If you experience any problems with this page, please send e-mail to

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