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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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We do our best to make this site as easy to navigate as possible, but thought it would be nice to include a site map and some inside information to make things a little easier. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve this site (especially if you are partially handicapped or disabled), please drop us a line and let us know at:
Getting around...
How can this site help me?
If you work with Microsoft Operating Systems and Server products, this site is designed to save you time by helping you rapidly locate hard to find technical resources. You no longer need to scour through irrelevant search engine queries, and dig through a dozen different technical sites for information. We hand pick the best technical articles from hundreds technical sites and index them here by category and topic. Whether you're writing a disaster recovery plan, troubleshooting a blue screen error, or defending your network against hackers, start your research here. We're confident that we can help you find the answers you need faster, and with less hassle, than anywhere else on the web.

Where to Start has two main entry points: the default Home page, and our RefDesk page. The home page is designed to keep you updated daily with the latest tech news, virus alerts, security advisories, and other resources critical to network administrators. News items are handpicked from over 45 tech news sites from around the web, and are chosen for their relevance to network administration and engineering. If you've missed a few days and need to get caught up on events, our news links are archived here for 12 full months. In addition, we feature a Link of the Day which is usually either a critical security alert, compelling technical article, interesting editorial, useful utility or website, and occasionally a bit of tech humor. The RefDesk page is designed as a home page/portal for network administrators to quickly access search engines, news sites, security pages, Microsoft support pages, and other useful websites from a single page. The page also features a search bar for both this site and Google.

Basic Navigation
It may not be obvious from the front page, but we have more than 500 pages of content with over 10,000 external hyperlinks to articles, online seminars, whitepapers, tutorials, book excerpts, and other resources. We know how frustrating it is to get lost on large sites, so we've designed our link structure to allow you to get anywhere on the site within 3 clicks or less by using 2 navigation bars. The navigation bar on the top of the page will instantly return you to either the Home Page or our Search Page from anywhere on the site. In addition, the navigation bar on the left side of the main pages allows you to quickly access our resource centers and their subpages. This secondary navigation bar will change as you "drill down" to the site content, but always links back to the subcategory and related topics of the section you are in.

Our search engine is provided by, which re-indexes this site every Wednesday morning. This engine performs a full text search of the entire site, and can be configured for advanced searches that queries for specific phrases, and sound-alike matching. For best results, try to use specific words and not common search terms that are listed in the Navigation Bars. Queries for "BackOffice" and "Windows 2000" will pull up almost every page on the site.

Resource Centers is divided into 11 sections or "Resource Centers" based on product or topic. The main categories are: 

These Centers are further divided into subsections, where resources are categorized by topic or task such as product installation, configuration, back and recovery, troubleshooting, etc., 

This site is updated every weekday between 8am - 9am EST. In addition to the news, link of the day, and security alerts that are posted on our front page, we add about 200 links a week to our index, and are always looking for ways to expand and improve content. We also aggressively hunt down broken links using random page audits, as well as automated 3rd party link reporting services. Once in a while, a few links slip through, so if you find a broken link please report it. Typically, we can repair or replace the link within 24 hours.

How to Contact Us
We are always looking for ways to improve this site and comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are always welcome. We receive about 200 e-mails a day and do our best to answer all of them as soon as we can.

  • For comments, questions, and suggestions for improvement, drop us a line at 

  • For technical errors, broken links, and other site related issues, contact

  • If you didn't find the resources you were looking for and would like to see a section added, contact

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  • For any additional questions, queries, issues, or advertising information, contact Bernie Klinder at 

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Windows 2000 Resources

Active Directory
Administration - Basic & Common Tasks
Backup & Restore
Device Drivers
Disk Management
File Management
Distributed File System
Encrypting File System
File Replication Service
Offline Folders
Windows File Protection
Hardware Guides
Installation & Configuration
Interoperability with Novell, Unix, and Linux
MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
Printer Management
Project Management
Registry (Editing, Managing, Troubleshooting, etc.,)
Service Packs
Terminal Services
User Management
MCSE - Windows 2000 Certification Toolkit
Exam Advice
Cheap Study Resources
MCSE Web Resources (Links to the top certification Web Sites)
MCSE Exam Guides (Under Construction)



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