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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Hacking Resources for IT Professionals

Good reliable Hacker resources are hard to find. You can waste hours searching the web and come up with nothing but a few warez sites and a virus as a souvenir. However the best information is still web based (vs. in books.) If you want to have good network security, you have to understand Hacker culture and think like a Hacker. Most Hackers aren't evil (as the media portrays them), just curious. Some of the most talented Mice we know are former Uber-Hackers.

Warning: Many Hackers pride themselves on "Not playing well with others". Some Hacker Pages may intentionally appear offensive, use harsh language, and may have automatic links to adult sites (or feature banners to adult sites). Others set traps to mess with "newbies" and clueless computer security wannabes. Never download anything from a Hacker Page without running it through a first rate Anti-Virus software program. Never execute a file on your network without running it in an isolated lab environment first, until you understand everything it does! Don't say we didn't warn you....

Hacker News Pages

A great Hacker News Page. A great, well rounded resource that's a bit more friendly than the usual underground Hacker Page. Lot's of info.

Another Hacker News Site. Also very well done, with lots of valuable information. If you want to stay up to date, stop here often.

Great Underground Resources

2600 Magazine  
The Hacker Quarterly. This magazine used to be a little more on the fringe than it has been lately, but still an excellent resource.

Don't waste your time with conventional search engines looking for the "toolz" of the trade. This site is a huge search engine for computer security related material, and is updated daily. You can run a search on Astalavista directly from this site by using the search bar at the bottom of this page.  
A great no-nonsense underground page. Their disclaimer: "ATTRITION may use language or ideas that are unsuitable to you. ATTRITION staff, system, and respective pets are NOT upbeat people. Deal."

Cult of the Dead Cow 
One of the more famous Hacker Groups. These guys are brilliant and put a lot of pride into their work. Under-estimate them at your own risk. Their latest project "BackOrifice" has put them in the media spotlight again.

A great source of underground links. Check out their Top 50 Security Links Page

Digital Avatar's Matrix  
Another exceptional site.  
One of the best sites on the web. Great File Archive with Tools and Utilities. And it's updated frequently.
The infamous Silicon Toad has joined this group, and the site is being redesigned to be the best network and systems security site on the web. Phase I should be done early 2000.

HackerZ Hideout  
Another great site. Lots of information, file downloads, and resources. This site has been around a while and does a great job.

Historic List of Underground files and Publications
Self Explanatory

L0pht Heavy Industries  
The guys that brought you L0phtcrack and got everyone's attention. They work very hard at what they do, and they do it well. Check their advisories often. If it's posted here, a hacker may be trying it on your network within hours.

Nomad Mobile Research Centre  
"Simple Nomad" as he calls himself, runs a first-rate site that is well organized and easy to use. This is easily one of the best Hacker/Security Pages on the web, and is a little "friendlier" than most.

The original Underground No Holds Barred Hacker Journal. Some of the material in the archives is dated, but every serious security specialist has read them.

Search Astalavista for Cracks, Toolz and Warez

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