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Last Updated July 23, 2004

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General Computer/Network Security Links

In the Computer Security World there are generally two types of organizations: Hacker groups who try to break into computer security systems (mostly just out of harmless curiosity) and ex-hackers who now run Professional Computer Security Groups who try to keep the others out. Both sides visit each others pages frequently, attend the same conferences, and read the same books. It's a modern day digital cold war "Spy vs. Spy" These pages belong to the "Good guys" and will provide the basics of what you need. When you understand the information here, make sure you stop by our Hacker Links and get to know your enemy.
Security Resource Portals and Search Engines
Algonquin - InfoSysSec Security Resource Center
If you still want more resources than we have listed here check out this site! Over 10,000 links to computer and network security, physical and site security, viruses and Trojans, programming language tutorials, etc. LabMice Favorite!

COAST Hotlist
The COAST Hotlist at Purdue is one of the most comprehensive security sites on the web, This award winning site is absolutely huge, covering all aspects of security. One of our favorite sites!!

Information Security magazine - The authority in security news, insight and analysis
Information Security magazine is the industry "bible" that security managers, directors and officers depend on each month for practical guidance to secure their organizations' data, networks, applications and users. Apply for your free subscription, read feature stories, daily news, back issues and more.

Another recommended daily stop for all NT Admins. NTBugtraq is a mailing list for the discussion of security exploits and security bugs in Windows NT and its related applications.

NT Security News 
This page should be a daily stop for all NT Admins. Very up to date. Great information specific to Windows NT. Find out about the latest vulnerabilities and fixes.

SANS Institute Online
The SANS (System Administration, Networking, and Security) Institute is a cooperative research and education organization through which more than 62,000 system administrators, security professionals, and network administrators share the lessons they are learning and find solutions for challenges they face. - The web's best security-specific information resource for IT security professionals provides IT security professionals with the information they need to keep their corporate data and assets secure. No other medium has as many E-Newsletters or Webcasts dedicated to security. The site offers security-specific daily news, more than 1,000 links to the most useful security sites on the Web and interaction with leading industry experts.
Provides access to security links and resources including news, books, mailing lists, tools and products, and security services. Also features one of the strongest collection of security advisories, vulnerabilities and solutions available on the Internet. One of the backbones of includes the Bugtraq mailing list - one of the most read security mailing lists on the Internet.  The Security Search Engine  
A comprehensive search engine that covers all aspects of computer security.  
A privately funded site that summarizes breaking security news and provides a jumping off point for Security Alerts, Products, Tools and other Resources. Includes a search engine.  
Another LabMice favorite! Well organized site that features security news, online literature, tutorials, and a search engine to help find the info you need.

Technotronic Full Disclosure Security Information
This site covers Microsoft, Novell, and Unix platforms, Includes a news wire and has a well organized interface. Access the Windows NT section here.
Your one-stop gateway to news, information and products for Network Security and Windows 2000. IT professionals will find the information in this site fundamental to the setting up and running of secure, flawless networks.

General Network/System Security Sites

CERT Coordination Center 
The Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon University. Another must have link, featuring lots of unique information you won't find anywhere else. Check out their Anti-Virus and Security Incident and Survivability reports.

The US Energy Department's Computer Incident Advisory Capability. Great resources on Virus Hoaxes, Network vulnerabilities, etc., with online documents and tools.

Project to research, develop, publicize and promote an authoritative, up-to-date, international set of generally accepted IT Control Objectives for day-to-day use by business managers as well as security, control and audit practitioners. COBIT has been developed as a generally applicable and accepted standard for good Information Technology (IT) security and control practices that provides a reference framework for management, users, and IS audit, control and security practitioners.

DOD CERT InfoSec  
With an acronym like that, you know it has to be a military page, and it is: The Department of Defense Computer Emergency Response Team's Information Security Home Page.

The Federal Computer Incident Response Capability. The US Government's Main Page on Computer Security. You can download the infamous Rainbow Book Series here.

An international consortium of computer incident response and security teams who work together to handle computer security incidents and to promote preventive activities

A great resource! ICSA is known worldwide as the objective source for security assurance services and shares security information with security product manufacturers, developers, security experts, academia and corporations. Be sure to check out their Information Super Library

Microsoft's Security Advisor  
The "official" NT guide to security holes, vulnerabilities, and fixes. You'll find some good information here, especially their tutorials and security checklists. But they're usually a little behind the Hacker News Pages

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Computer Security Resource Clearing House.

SANS Institute
The SANS (System Administration, Networking, and Security) Institute is a cooperative research and education organization through which more than 62,000 system administrators, security professionals, and network administrators share the lessons they are learning and find solutions for challenges they face. As a part of this effort, SANS offers a series of exceptional educational conferences featuring up to eight days of in-depth courses and multi-track technical conferences focusing on user experiences and problem solving. SANS also produces a series of cooperative research reports, electronic digests, posters of authoritative answers to current questions, and cooperatively-created software.

UC Davis Computer Security Lab
Great Whitepapers! Check it out.

Security Related Newsgroups

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