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Last Updated July 23, 2004

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Computer Network and System Security

Locking down a network without stepping on the business you are supporting is a balancing act that is not for amateurs. For those Administrators who aren't reformed Hackers, here's a place to start.

Netscape Users Press (CTRL-B)

Resource Centers
Anti-Virus Resources  
Virus definitions, encyclopedia's, links to major vendors, technical articles, etc.,

Articles and Whitepapers
A little light reading that will keep you busy for hours.

Books on Security
Our recommendations for security books that tell it like it is and don't waste your time.

Computer and Network Security Links
Links to all the "good guys". Includes government and security professionals.
Keep your data safe even if someone does access your systems.


FAQ's and Guides for Beginners
Our collection of FAQ's, security primers, and tutorials from around the web. 
Technical articles, comparisons, pitfalls. deployment strategies, etc.,
Resources for gathering evidence of intrusions and conducting electronic investigations.
Hacker Resources
Links to the top underground hacker pages and resources. 
Honeypots & Honeynets
Honeypots are lures designed to attract hackers for the purpose of analyzing their attack methodology
Incident Handling and Response
Been hacked? Responding appropriately is essential if you wish to contain the attack and catch those responsible.

Intrusion Detection
Catching and trapping an intruders, creating honey pots, tools, auditing, etc.,

Windows 2000's new encrypted authentication protocol.
Legal and CyberCrime Resources
Resources for prosecuting hackers, search and seizure, sentencing guidelines, etc.,

Password Security
Setting and enforcing password policies, sources for complex passwords, etc.,

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
Find the holes in your network before someone else does!
Securing Windows Networks
Checklist, articles, and advice on locking down and hardening Windows 2000/XP Networks
Social Engineering
How to protect your network from hackers looking to exploit the "human element"
Online Seminars
View streaming audio and video presentations of Microsoft Seminars.

Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Find out what security holes exist, how to plug them, and how to keep tabs on new ones.
IT Security Resource Sites and Search Engines....

Algonquin InfoSysSec - Security Resource Center
If you still want more resources than we have listed here check out this site! Over 10,000 links to computer and network security, physical and site security, viruses and Trojans, programming language tutorials, etc.,

COAST Hotlist 
The COAST Hotlist at Purdue is one of the most comprehensive security sites on the web, This award winning site is absolutely huge, covering all aspects of security. One of our favorite sites!!

NT Security News 
This page should be a daily stop for all NT Admins. Very up to date. Great information specific to Windows NT. Find out about the latest vulnerabilities and fixes.  The Security Search Engine  
A comprehensive search engine that covers all aspects of computer security.  
A privately funded site that summarizes breaking security news and provides a jumping off point for Security Alerts, Products, Tools and other Resources. Includes a search engine.  
Well organized site that features security news, online literature, tutorials, and a search engine to help find the info you need.

Technotronic Full Disclosure Security Information 
This site covers Microsoft, Novell, and Unix platforms, Includes a news wire and has a well organized interface. Access the Windows NT section here.  


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