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Last Updated December 24, 2003

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Visual Basic is a powerful and easy to learn programming language that has been around for years. With Microsoft newest version 6.0, Visual Basic has really "grown up" and been extended to improve its ability to interact with the Win32 API used by Windows NT/2000. VBA (VB for Applications) and VB Scripting will also creates new possibilities for customization of NT, Office 2000, Outlook, and other Microsoft products. An Administrator who understands VB well can create his own custom applications to finally make NT work the way he/she wants it to.
Main Resource Links

Extreme VB  
All the source code, examples, tutorials, and utilities you will need to help you learn VB.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic World  
Another award winning VB resource. Tons of links and information. This is one of our favorite sites. Gary also has a great link page with tons of other VB sites.

Microsoft's VB Page  
Couldn't leave this one out

VB Net  
The Visual Basic Developers Resource Center. Another great award winning site! You can spend hours exploring here.
VB Online 
A free online magazine for VB Programmers and a great resource!

The worlds most advanced Visual Basic search engine with an index of over 10,000 Visual Basic URL's in a massive searchable database. Just enter keywords of the VB topics you are looking for and hit "Query." Winner of Microsoft's VB Top Site Award.

VB Square  
Huge site with lots of source code, articles, etc.,

VB Web Directory  
The definitive Index for Visual Basic Web Resources. If you're hungry for more links, stop here!

A great VB news source that's updated daily!

Visual Basic Web Magazine  
The Ultimate VB Resource Online. This site is huge! You'll probably find what you're looking for here.

Zarr's VB Web Site  
Another really useful site. Although not as large or as comprehensive as some of the other's listed here, this site has tons of great information.

FAQ's and Tutorials

The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre FAQ

Searchable VB FAQ  
This is a searchable FAQ, that lets you find the answers you need quickly. The Official Visual Basic Beginner's FAQ from VISBAS-BEGINNERS at LSOFT. Compilation from Beginners ListServ.

Visual Basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  
This is the home of the Visual Basic for Windows Frequently Asked Questions Document. The FAQ started as a compilation of answers to questions that popped up frequently in the Usenet group comp.lang.basic.visual. .


Professor Smiley's Visual Basic Web Site  
Yes, that's his real name, and yes he's a real professor. This is a great page with lots of information.

Visual Basic Explorer  
If you're new to VB, start here! This an exceptional site that is very well organized and easy to navigate. A Gold Mine of VB info!

VB Help.Net  
One of our favorite pages! Includes tutorials, great links, source samples, forums, a mailing list and a lot more. Check it out!.

Introduction to VB 5  
An excellent and comprehensive online tutorial by Simon Wilkenson at Napier University.

Visual  Basic Cyber Tutorial  
Includes an 8 part Tutorial, sample code, more links, etc.,

Gary Beene's VB World- Beginners Corner  
Gary's page is already listed as one of our favorite VB links. He's added a great tutorial page for newbies.

VB Online Tutorial 
I have no idea who sponsors this site, but it's pretty good and worth checking out.

QP7 VB Site  
Has a well done and detailed Tutorial

VB Q&A Page  
A decent page for beginners that is organized in a Q&A format. You can even submit your own questions online. VB6 Tutorial  
A decent site by John Conley, the Author of the "Teach yourself OOP using VB in 21 days.

XPloiters Visual Basic 5 Tutorials
An excellent 14 part tutorial with a 4 part Appendices. Also downloadable in a Word97 format.

VB Script Resources
CNET VB Script Page  
Although geared mainly for web developers, this site includes sample scripts, links, tutorials, and is frequently updated.

InfoDial VB Script Page  
Also geared for Web Developers, but still a great resource.

Microsoft's VB Script Page.
An overview of VB Script from the Windows Script Technologies Page

VB Script Tutorial  
From Intranet Design magazine.

VB Code Libraries  
A site not to be missed! Lots of downloads.

July Code  
An article by Dale Shaw in VB Online with some useful code samples.

VB World on Planet Source Code  
A Huge site that contains over 145527 lines of Visual Basic source code that you can drop directly into your projects.

Soft Circuits  
Contains high quality OCX's, in addition to offering a huge collection of code samples to download.

The Coding Box  
A cool page with lots of tips, and downloads.

VB Diamond Files  
Over 50 downloadable projects that demonstrate how to carry out some quite complex techniques.

VB Helper  
This site contains Visual Basic tips, tricks, free stuff, books, and much more. Over 300 sample programs demonstrating Visual Basic techniques. Advanced algorithms and graphics books for Visual Basic programmers.

A great site dedicated to open source programming using VB. Very cool.

The title says it all. A great site with lots of resources.

Visual Basic Code Samples  
Exclusive downloads from Microsoft, but available only to registered users of Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Source Code  
Source code downloads that demonstrate how to write screensavers, use the Registry and place icons in the Windows 95 "Tray" area of the taskbar.

"The Ultimate Tools Catalog for VB" Controls and tools for VB.


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