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Last Updated January 28, 2008

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Scripting and Batch Programming Resources

Many people find the idea of administrative scripting intimidating. Truth is, it's a lot simpler than it looks. Scripting guru Christa Anderson discusses basic scripting concepts, the many ways that scripts can be used to manage Windows environments, and demonstrates how to write an actual scripts.

Check out Christa's Scripting School columns to learn the latest on PowerShell and WMI scripting.

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Main Resource Links
Batch Files
Batch programs (also called batch files) allow you to simplify routine or repetitive tasks. 
Environmental Variables
Environment variables are strings that contain information and control the behavior of various programs
Command Line Resources
Who needs a GUI? Syntax references, tricks, and troubleshooting issues.
Logon Scripts
A logon script is a small program that executes automatically when a user logs on to a particular computer system. 
A powerful open source programming language that can be used with Windows 2000. 

Visual Basic
Resource Centers, online tutorials, code samples, etc.,
Windows Scripting Host (WSH)
A tool that will allow you to run Visual Basic Script and JScript natively within Windows 2000
Featured Articles
How to get process information with Windows PowerShell
This Scripting School column explains how to use PowerShell's get-process cmdlet to retrieve information about the processes on your computer and how to kill the unnecessary ones.  (August 2007)

Customizing a mapped drive inventory
Creating an inventory of mapped drives yields a useful file, but some filtering would help. Here's how to do that with string formatting functions and regular expressions.  (January 2007)

Managing Group Policy with VBScript
In this column, Christa explains how you can use scripting to manage Group Policy with VBScript.  (November 2006)

Writing a script for an office inventory system
This column tells you how to write a script for an inventory system that correlates the user name, computer name and cubicle name, then add this information to an Excel spreadsheet stored on a network share.  (July 2006)

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