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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Project Management Resources

Sooner or later, all good Network Engineers get assigned as a Project Manager (typically as a test to see if you have what it takes to move up). Problem is, there is no quick crash course for doing it right. It's a learning experience, and the rules change for every new project. These are the best online resources we've been able to find to help you hit the ground running and avoid the most common pitfalls.
Best of the Web....

ALLPM.COM (All Project Management)  
One of our favorite sites! ALLPM.COM is the internet's premier site for Information Technology (IT) project management information and resources. You'll find lots of articles, downloads, and PM Guides.
Method123 is a Project Management Methodology which provides you with all of the documents,
processes, tools, templates and methods required in order to succeed as a Project Manager. 

Michael Greer's Project Management Resources  
Michael is an author of several books on Project Management, and most of the resources linked on this page are related to his books, workshops, professional presentations, articles, etc. However you'll also find some free brochures, advice, and links to additional resources. Worth a look.

Project Management Control Tower  
Over 5,400 pages of resources including hundreds of articles, templates and tools for project sponsors, program managers, project managers and those who want to be.

Project Management Forum  
A non profit resource for information on international project management affairs dedicated to development, international cooperation, promotion and support of a professional and world wide project management discipline.

Project Management Institute  
A great resource, offering hundreds of publications and recognized industry certification.  
A complete and easily navigable online guide for anyone who must plan, implement and complete a commercial project. Get professional advice. Upgrade personal skills. Exchange ideas. Even find work.

A project management resource site brought to you by Project Manager Today magazine - the UK's leading project management monthly.

Project Management Ultimate Reference Site  
Not as great as you'd think, but still has lots of links, tools, and advice for Project Managers here..  
A leading reference site for the information needs of information technology project managers and support staff traveling to, starting up, and working on remote or dispersed projects.

Project Management Articles, Advice, Etc...

A Successful Project Starts with the Manager
How do you run a successful project? Here's one telling case study. Source: The

Project management: Maintaining Momentum  
Network professionals let you in on their secrets to project management success. Source: Network World (Nov 22, 1999)

Red Flags: Should You Say No to a Project?
Industry leaders and technology companies are working together to create a connected lifestyle in the home that goes far beyond simple high-speed Internet connection and surround sound. Consumers are already able to link their computer, audio and video to other home systems, such as security, lighting and environmental controls, and the advances in home technology integration are exploding with leaps and bounds. However, many of these integrated technologies are expensive and require many skill sets to implement. Source: Certification Magazine

Ten Common Mistakes Project Managers Make
Useful tips on project management and planning.

MS Project Resources...

Microsoft's MS Project Home Page  
Almost all of the Project Management interviews we've been on in the last few years all had one question in common... do you know how to use MS Project? Consider it a pre-requisite (along with your MCSE).
An independent site with resources and tips for using MS Project

Top 10 Tips for MS Project  
Some great Advice from England Consulting.

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