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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) Resources

WINS is Microsoft's Windows Internet Naming Service. A WINS server on your network registers NetBIOS names from other workstations and servers on your network and resolves them to IP addresses. Wins was supposed to be replaced in Windows 2000 by the Active Directory and its global catalog, but support has been included in Windows 2000 for legacy applications and services that rely on WINS.

Where to Start....

MS Windows 2000 Windows Internet Service (WINS) Overview
The Microsoft© Windows? 2000 operating system Internet Name Service (WINS) introduces new features and enhancements to the WINS server, WINS client, and WINS Manager. WINS provides a distributed database for registering and querying dynamic computer name-to-IP address mapping in a routed network environment

Answers to 12 of the most frequently asked questions about WINS, from

How WINS Lookup Works from Windows NT DNS
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 173161 The Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Domain Name Service (DNS) Server has the ability to interact with a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Server. This article discusses this feature and the process that takes place when a DNS Server forwards a query to a WINS Server. 

Windows Internet Name Service (Resource Kit Chapter)
Sample Chapter 7 from the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit. This chapter provides an overview of WINS, its origins, WINS servers and clients, deploying and managing WINS servers.

Useful Articles

A Description of the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) Records Replication Table
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 272510 - This article describes the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) records replication table. The WINS records replication table describes how DomainnameDomainname1Ch (WINS domain name records) are handled when they are replicated to a new server with existing records that have the same name. The Domainname1Ch record is a list of domain controller Internet Protocol (IP) addresses used by Microsoft Windows clients for domain log on and trust establishment. 

Description of the Microsoft Computer Browser Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 188001 - Microsoft Active Directory services in Windows 2000 replace the computer browser service used in earlier versions of Windows to provide the network basic input/output system (NetBIOS) name resolution. The browser service in Windows 2000 is provided for backwards compatibility with client computers that are running earlier versions of Windows 

Integrating DNS with WINS
Sample Chapter 12, from Windows NT DNS, published by New Riders Publishing. This chapter explains the benefits of DNS and WINS integration -- and how to establish and test WINS lookups through a DNS server, establish reverse lookups, and provide multihomed resolutions through DNS and WINS-registered computers

List of Names Registered with WINS Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 119495 Names registered by the WINS server can be divided into three groups:

NetBIOS Names and WINS
NetBIOS Names and WINS My past few columns have dealt with the resolution of NetBIOS names on an IP network. With Windows NT 3.5 came a better answer: the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), a NetBIOS Name Server containing a database that matches NetBIOS names and IP addresses. Every time you set up an IP address for a network card, you get to attach a primary WINS server and a secondary WINS server to that IP address. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine January 1997.

Recommended Practices for WINS
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 185786 Discusses the recommended practices for implementing the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS). Following these practices should decrease the occurrence of WINS problems. 

Recommend WINS Configuration for Microsoft Cluster Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 193890 A Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) with the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) running may have intermittent connectivity problems with clients on remote networks. 

Restoring a Windows 2000 WINS Database from Other Backup Sources
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 244810 Describes how to restore a WINS database from a backup. There may be times when using the Restore Database function within the Microsoft Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) MMC Snap-in may not be sufficient to restore a WINS 

Support WebCast: Using WINS and DHCP on Microsoft Windows 2000 Clusters
This presentation focuses on a new feature of clustering in Windows 2000, namely the support of the WINS and DHCP services on a Windows 2000 cluster. The presentation describes how to install and configure these services for use on a Windows 2000 cluster.

Windows Internet Naming Service Server Registration Behavior
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 240661 - On a Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server, the primary Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) address of each adapter bound to the TCP/IP WINS client is used for WINS registrations for this server. 

Wins and DHCP Preventive Maintenance
Jet Files WINS and DHCP rely on Microsoft's Jet database engine to store information about their services. WINS stores the records that clients register and the records it replicates from other WINS servers in a Jet database, which is usually in %systemroot%\system32\wins. DHCP stores its scope and configuration information in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\DHCP-Server Registry key Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (March 1999)

WINS and Domain Renaming
Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) maintains, among other information, the name of the Domain Master Browser, which is the domain's PDC. Because the Domain Master Browser entry is specific to the domain's NetBIOS name, your newly renamed PDC will automatically register a new <1BH> entry when it reregisters with the WINS server after restarting. Doing so ensures that all WINS servers register the <1BH> entry for the renamed domain's PDC. Source Windows NT Magazine (Feb. 1999)

WINS Registry Parameters for Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251067 - This article gives a list of parameters for Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) on Windows 2000 Server that you can modify using Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe or Regedit.exe). You can configure some of these parameters by using Microsoft Management Console

How to Articles

Converting a WINS Database for Use on a Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 215392 To use a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 WINS database on a Windows 2000 server, you must convert the database. 

Backing Up a WINS Database on a Windows 2000 Cluster
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 283290 - When you configure the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) to run as a resource on a Windows 2000-based server that is running the Microsoft Cluster service, the typical procedures for backing up the WINS database are not available. The Back Up Database command is not available (grayed out) in the Action menu in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), or in the properties for the WINS server. 

HOW TO: Disable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP on a Dial-up or VPN Connection in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255639 - This article describes how to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in the properties of a dial-up connection or a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Note There is no Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP option on the WINS tab in the Advanced TCP/IP Settings.

How to Install Network Services Such as WINS and DNS in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 261321 The location for installing Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and other network services has changed in Windows 2000.

HOW TO: Install WINS in Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 307314 - This step-by-step article describes how to install Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) to a Windows 2000-based server. WINS provides name resolution of Internet protocol (IP) addresses to NetBIOS names. WINS automatically maintains a database 

How to Globally Configure WINS and DNS Parameters to Be Assigned to RAS Clients 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 232691 - You can globally configure the addresses assigned to RAS clients using the registry. The preference for Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Directory Naming Service (DNS) addresses to be assigned is..

How to Manually Add a Dynamic WINS Entry to a Windows 2000 WINS Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 233375 Describes how to manually add a dynamic mapping to a Windows 2000 Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server by using the WINSMON extension in NETSH. 

How to Manually Recreate a WINS Database 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 168712 - In the event of Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) database corruption, it may be necessary to delete and to recreate the WINS database files. The information in this article will demonstrate how to delete and recreate WINS database files 

HOW TO: Migrate a WINS Database from Windows NT 4 Server to Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 300473 - This step-by-step article describes how to install and configure Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) in Windows 2000 Server and how to migrate a WINS database from Windows NT 4.0 Server to Windows 2000 Server. By doing so, the Windows 2000 Server-based computer assumes the role of the WINS server and maintains the WINS database that Windows NT Server 4.0 previously held. You can install WINS on either a member server or a domain controller. Microsoft highly recommends that the server has a single network card and is configured with a static IP address.

How to Prevent Windows 2000 from Assigning WINS and DNS Addresses to RAS Clients
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 232651 - In Windows 2000, the Remote Access Service assigns Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Domain Name System (DNS) addresses to clients when they dial in. Clients register their IP addresses with these servers.

How to Set the Starting Version Count for WINS in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 233486 Explains how to increase the Starting Version Count in Windows Internet Naming Services (WINS) to repair WINS database problems.

How to Stop WINS Replication in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 234052 To remove incorrect entries from a Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) environment, or perform other maintenance, it may be necessary to stop the replication process that occurs between WINS partners.

How to Upgrade a WINS or DHCP Database to Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 215416 Describes how to upgrade a DHCP or WINS database from a Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 server to a Windows 2000 server.

How to Use Jetpack.exe to Compact a WINS or DHCP Database
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 145881 - Microsoft Windows NT Server includes a utility, Jetpack.exe, that can be used to compact a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) database. Microsoft recommends that you compact the WINS database whenever it approaches 30 MB.

How to Verify the Domain Records in Windows 2000 Windows Internet Name Service
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 300598 - This article describes how to use two Windows 2000 tools to monitor the most important Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) domain records.

Using WINS replication partners when connecting networks
Connecting two networks takes more than just a patch cable. Source: EarthWeb (May 26, 2000)

Verifying Name Records in WINS in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 225130 You can use the WINS administration tool to verify that a name record is in a WINS database on single or multiple WINS servers in Windows 2000. You can also create text files to save the entries for queries that you want to run more than on 

Troubleshooting Articles

Jetpack Error Codes for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 172570 - This article lists the error codes and messages used by Jetpack.exe (the Microsoft Windows NT Server utility that can be used to compact a WINS or DHCP database) for Windows NT Server version 4.0. (updated 9/20/2000)

Error Message "Cannot Find the WINS Server" Occurs When Accessing the WINS Database
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 287727 - After you install the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) component, when you attempt to access the WINS database on the local WINS server, you may receive the following error message: 

Err Msg: WINS Could Not Come Up Due to Missing/Corrupt...
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 225346 When you start your Windows 2000 Server-based computer running the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS), you may receive an error message: 

Events 4102 and 9 Appear During WINS Replication on Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 289189 - When Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) replication runs on a Windows 2000-based computer, it may not run successfully and the following events may appear in the Event Viewer:

Event ID: 1008 After Upgrading Windows NT 4.0 DHCP or WINS Server to Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 247135 - After you upgrade from a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 DHCP server or WINS server to use Windows 2000, an event is logged informing the administrator that the database needs to be upgraded if the jet database conversations fails. 

Deleted Windows Internet Name Service Records Return to Database
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 287732 - When you delete the records from a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) database by using WINS Manager, the records can be displayed again after you stop and restart any servers that run WINS. 

NetBIOS Sessions May Be Dropped in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 285803 - When you use a computer running Windows 2000, an existing connection may be dropped when you attempt to make a second connection from the same computer.

PersonaNonGrata WINS Servers May Be Added as Replication Partners Without Warning
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228078 When you add a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server as a WINS replication partner in Wins Manager that has a PersonaNonGrata status, you do not receive a warning message that this WINS server is not a valid WINS replication partner.

Unable to Remotely Administer WINS Servers Across Routers
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 174396 When you attempt to add a new Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Server to your WINS Manager and it is located across a router or firewall, you may receive the following message:

WINS Database Corruption May Occur After Replication
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 325775 - Sporadic WINS database corruption may occur after replication in large WINS infrastructures. Additionally, the WINS servers may stop replicating without any events or errors, and indicated WINS statistics may also stop being updated.

WINS Does Not Back Up Database During Shutdown
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 255283 - A Windows 2000-based Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server does not back up the WINS database during server shutdown, even if the Back up database during server shutdown option is enabled. 

WINS Export List Leaks Memory at 1 MB per Minute
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 254387 - Exporting all names in a large WINS database may be very slow. The export process leaks memory (Task Manager shows continually rising memory usage for the MMC process) at about 1 megabyte (MB) per minute.

WINS Incorrectly Replicates Static Entries 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 302972 - Static Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) records are replicated from non-replication partners during scavenging and consistency checking. This causes problems with the mechanism that WINS has for controlling the promulgation of the static records.

WINS Manager Does Not Display All Reservations in a Mixed Environment 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 279822 - If you are running both Windows 2000-based and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based WINS servers, the following error message may appear when you display registrations by owner:

WINS Manager Shows WINS Servers That are Not Present
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 135844 You run WINS Manager, choose Mappings, choose Show Database, and choose WINS Servers. After you delete an entry from the Select Owner List it reappears, even though the WINS Server it defines is no longer involved in WINS replication. 

WINS Registry Parameters for Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251067 A list of parameters for Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) on Windows 2000 Server that you can modify using Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe or Regedit.exe). 

WINS Resource Does Not Come Online After Cluster Failover
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 259593 - After a node failover, the WINS resource being used with the Cluster service may not come online. 

WINS Service Stops or Does Not Start and Event ID 4319 or 4165 Is Logged
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 261125 - The Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) service on your Windows 2000-based WINS server may stop unexpectedly or may not start again after it is stopped. You may also see one or more of the following error messages in Event Viewer 

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