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Network and Systems Management

Managing a large Wide Area Network is not an easy task. Even if you've managed 2,000- 5,000 users, the rules change and the work grows on an exponential basis as the number of users, sites, domain controllers, WINS/DNS servers, routers, WAN links, and the complexity of your network grows.   Proper planning and the right tools will make it easier.
Recommended Books:
Managing a Windows NT Network
Published by Microsoft Press, Feb 1999, 829 pages. ISBN 0735606471 Part of Microsoft's excellent "Notes from the field" series, this book outlines the best practices and procedures for NT Server 4.0 system management. Based on the real-world experiences of Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), this book helps IT implementers manage administrative tasks, systems policies, security, fault tolerance, and failover procedures. 

Useful Web Sites:

Archive of Network World Fusion Focus on Network System Management newsletters
Network World publishes a decent weekly newsletter that's a great source of info. You can read past issues here, and subscribe to future issues.

Journal of Network and Systems management
An international forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original research results as well as surveys and case studies in the fields of network and systems management.

Network Management
This site functions as the archive base for, as well as for a place to bring together references to other applications and servers. In addition, this site acts as a mirror site for applications, utilities and FAQs pertinent to Network Management.

Network Analysis and Optimization Techniques
Sample Chapter 5 from Network Performance Baselining, published by New Riders Publishing. When performing a network baseline study, specific techniques enable an analyst to troubleshoot network issues. Some of these techniques involve processes discussed earlier in this book, such as utilization and quantitative measurement analysis. Unique methods exist to isolate specific traffic flow events, which can be very helpful during isolation and statistical baselining. Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online (updated June 22, 2000)

Network Load Balancing - A technical overview
The unique and fully distributed architecture of Network Load Balancing enables it to deliver very high performance and failover protection, especially in comparison with dispatcher-based load balancers. This white paper describes the key features of this technology and explores its internal architecture and performance characteristics in detail.  Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online (updated June 22, 2000)

Network World: Network Management Home Page
The home page for Network Management tutorials, articles, reviews, etc., from Network World

Monitoring and Auditing for End Systems
This document covers policy, goals, and monitoring architecture, with information about event, object, and performance monitoring, references and utilities. Source: Microsoft TechNet CD Online

TechWeb's Network Management and Administration Site
The source for current news, articles, etc., on Network Management from CMP

WebOpedia Network management links
Additional links and resources if you need more than we have here.

Useful Articles:

Building the bulletproof Ethernet
Link aggregation standard will provide needed backup, bandwidth. Source: NetworkWorld (Nov 1999)

Keeping track of your network
Put these methods to work to maintain accurate documentation even for an ever-changing network. Source EarthWeb (May 26, 2000)

Network Management Basics from Cisco
Online documentation from Cisco which describes functions common to most network management architectures and protocols. It also presents the five conceptual areas of management as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ProActive Network Management
A look at management strategies at Syracuse University's 8,000 node LAN Source: Network Computing. 

Step-by-step guide to diagramming your network with MS Visio Enterprise 2000
This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to discover and diagram your network using Microsoft Visio Enterprise 2000. Visualize proposed or existing system architectures, so you can streamline the design, documentation, and development of your IT systems. Automatically discover network devices in layer 2 (data link), layer 3 (IP network), and frame relay network connections using SNMP-based AutoDiscovery technology. Then automatically generate a network diagram using manufacturer-specific Microsoft Visio Network Equipment shapes. You don't have to draw anything--Microsoft Visio Enterprise does it all for you

Network Management Resources

ITPRC Network Management

Network management resources

Network Management What it is and what is isn't

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