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Last Updated December 16, 2003


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When the Cat's away... It's time to Play!

Here are a few of our favorite links of fun places on the web (along with a few other submissions)

Everybody needs a break every now and then. If you've spent all morning cranked up on Jolt Cola and Penguin mints and just can't take it anymore, a good distraction (like some of the links below) will give your brain a rest and let you approach the rest of the day with a renewed vigor. If that doesn't work, we occasionally resort to launching plastic troll dolls down the hall with a 5 iron. While not as stimulating, these websites are a bit less distracting to your coworkers and at least a little less likely to get you fired. A bit of warning - a few of these links may be blocked by your company's proxy server. (But any good LabMouse wouldn't let something like a little proxy server stand between them and some cybercheese, would they? )

Newest Additions

Virtual fridge magnets to compose a quick and fun e-mail. A great way to liven up a message.
Whether or not you liked the Wesley Crusher character on Star Trek the Next Generation, you owe it to yourself to check out the web page of the actor who played him. Wil Wheaton offers up a hilarious web log of his life that chronicles his activities, current projects, and opinions on just about everything. 

A fun Muppet Show fan site that features episode guides, a character index, and a plan to feature a photographic collectibles from the 1950's to today. is a site about technology and culture, both separately and in their interactions. It's a site for people who want to discuss the world they live in.  It's a site for people who are on the ground in the modern world, and who sometimes look around and wonder what they have wrought. It is a community of people who like to think. 

Own a Piece of Microsoft
What do you get the computer geek who has everything? How about piece of Microsoft. Now you can give a part of Bill Gates empire as a gift. Buy one share of stock of Microsoft as a gift easily with with no minimum deposits or setup fees. These are valid stock certificates registered in your recipient's name. A number of high quality framing options are available, and you can include a plaque with a custom message up to 4 lines with 40 characters per line! Makes a perfect gift for the newly minted MCSE in your company! 

Rejection Hotline
Tired of giving out your phone number in mandatory information fields, or when visiting Radio Shack? Wouldn't it be great to have a fake number to give to telemarketers or unwanted love interests? Well, now you can. Just surf over to this site, find the number in your area and next time that annoying some bugs you for your phone number you can give them a little hint. The number rolls over to an automated voice mail system that leaves a hilarious rejection message that basically says "leave me alone"


Ever get on of those goofy sweepstakes checks in the mail for $95,000.00? Ever try cashing it? A true, heart-warming story about a boy and his Bank.

Award winning fake ads. Hilarious!

AD Graveyard  
See real ads from big companies that were canceled before they ever made it. Very funny!

All your base are belong to us!
A poorly translated but hilarious introduction to an old Sega game called Zero Wing has spawned a web phenomenon that it is sure to flood your mail and web servers. It all started with a spoof site and later an MP3, that were later combined into a Flash animation that is flying around the web at record speeds. You have no chance to survive make your time. ;-)

Computer Stupidities  
A huge and hilarious database of tales of the technology impaired from the trenches of desktop support.

Dave Letterman's Top Ten List
Searchable by date year, or keywords! (Try Bill Gates or Microsoft for some real fun)

Digital Blasphemy  
This page has to be seen to be believed! An incredible artist using the web as his studio. Your wallpaper will never be boring again.

Microsoft Editorial Cartoons 
Archive of cartoons from sources around the world. Source: Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index.

The Onion 
Tired of real news? (submitted by R. Mackiewicz, MCSE)

Red Meat  
A pretty twisted (and funny) web based comic strip.

The Wax  
Very twisted. We love it!  
A large index of hundreds of Urban Legends, sorted by topic, with explanations of why they're fakes. It's also funny to see how many have been published as fact by the ever gullible Ann Landers.

Video Game Characters denounce randomly swinging blades
A coalition of video-game characters representing the nation's leading systems appeared before Congress Monday to decry "the pointless, deadly presence" of spinning blades in video-game landscapes. "We are here to demand an end to the shockingly casual placement of dangerous blades in our places of work," said Tomb Raider star Lara Croft.  Source: The Onion (Aug 11, 2000)

Geek Humor
25 Lines from Star Wars That can be improved if you substitute the word "Pants"
What do you get when you combine a supermodel with a computer geek. ASCII renditions of your favorite female movie starts, celebs, and other beautiful women.

Blue Screen of Death Screensaver.   
Need we say more?

Brenda's Dating advice for Geeks
A surprisingly useful page with a twist. Includes geek horror stories, pathetic personal ads, dating tips, more dating links, and pics of Brenda.

FBI Agent Screening Exam
A little humor from National Lampoon in the form of an FBI screening test. If you can tell the computer programmers apart from the terrorist, you may have what it takes to be a G-man. 

Be the first Geek in your cube farm to have your very own working lightsabre! And if you're not, let 'em have it with the sonic devastator! (submitted by C. Medford, MCSE)

Geek Dating Flowchart
Painful, but true... (Submitted by J. Larion)

Hamster Dance  
Yet another reason people refer to the web as the "World Wide Waste of Time." We liked this a little better than River Dance.. only problem is we can't that song out of our heads!!!

Junk Science
"All the Junk that's fit to debunk!" This award winning site sheds some light faulty scientific data and analysis used to used to further a special agenda. Find out who's lying to you this week....

Kill Microsoft Clippy!  
Hate that stupid Microsoft Paperclip Office Assistance? So do we. So do other people. It must be stopped!

My Resume
Just kidding. But by Chance, this may remind you of someone we know..
How many free AOL CDs have you received? Five, 10, 100, more? Well, wants to take 'em off your hands -- and in the process end the wanton distribution of these annoying disks. Its goal? Collect a cool 1 million disks and send them back from whence they came.

Satellite Names
Still can't figure out what to name your new server? This page lists the names that have been given to satellites and rockets. Names that are merely acronyms or descriptions of the satellite's function (e.g. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) are not included. NASA has named a number of its scientific satellites, and other space agencies have also used up some names.

Spamradio is serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry. Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels they turn the junk mail that we all receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet.

Solar System Collisions
Send a virtual comet or asteroid hurtling towards your favorite planet! Choose from rock, iron, or ice boulders ranging in size from microns to kilometers, specify the projectile velocity, and watch the dust fly!
An online forum for tech support workers to vent, distribute their war stories, or read other tales of woe submitted by fellow helpdesk workers.

Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes, History, Useless Facts and more. We have it on good authority that being a virtual cornucopia of useless knowledge is the key to being branded as an Uber-Geek

Windows CEMeNT
Since Microsoft has been busy combining the Win9x and Win2000 code bases to create Windows XP, Rob Wooley took a hilarious guess at what Redmond's next product might be.... (Submitted by Xanthos)

It's a hot summer day, and the citizens of this small unsuspecting virtual city are puzzled by the sudden appearance of a large magnifying glass over downtown. You can use the magnifying glass to look around the city, or you can use your mouse button to be a bit more mischievous....

The Black Vault 
Declassified Government Documents and a little conspiracy theory. You know, your not paranoid if people are really out to get you. Are you?

The Clothesline 
What is it with computer geeks and shirt stains? Finally a Laundry FAQ! (submitted by K. Soukup, MCSE)

Tired of the same old desktop? Do you change your wallpaper more than your socks? Check out this free utility and web service that updates your wallpaper daily. The site has some great art that downloads quickly and doesn't hog your workstation resources.

DigiCrime is a satirical attempt to point out some of the potential threats we face. Nothing on the DigiCrime page should do any damage to your machine, but it may damage your confidence in your machine. I simply use satire as a vehicle to inform and stimulate thought.

Elephant Sanctuary
The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, founded in 1995, is the nation's first natural habitat refuge developed specifically for endangered Asian elephants. It operates on 800 acres surrounded by a 3,000-acre buffer zone in the town of Hohenwald, Tennessee © 65 miles outside of Nashville. Their site features photos of their elephants and a live web cam.

Hidden America
If you like to take the road less traveled, this online guide will give you the inside scoop on out the way destinations and cool events all across the United States. The site site features hundreds of unique links, book reviews, forums, and a monthly newsletter. 

How Stuff
Marshall Brain's award winning site that covers the inner workings of hundreds of gadgets. Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!  
The ultimate guide to goofing off at work.
Cool free tutorials on a wide range of topics. A great daily stop.

Got a bunch of old Apple Mac 512, Mac 128, Mac Plus or Mac Classics hanging around the office? Check out the MacAquarium! They make great gifts, and are ready to go right out of the box. Just add water and your favorite fish!  
Our government spent millions of dollars to build these during the cold war, but you can pick up a nice tornado proof underground home on a 20 acre lot (in the middle of the nowhere) and a private runaway for a song. Be the first on your block with a pool that has a 300 foot deep end.

Moller SkyCar
If driving an SUV didn't take the edge of rush hour driving and the long commute to work, start saving your pennies for the next revolution in transportation - No wheel drive! This car goes +300 mph, gets 45mpg, and I even like the color. Best of all, it's actually slated for production in 2004. 

Mullet's Galore  
For my good friend Ken. Just in case he starts thinking about his old haircut. For even more mullet laughs, visit  ;-)

Shut down the Internet
Before everyone takes off for the weekend, make sure the last person in the office turns off the lights. And while they're at it, have them turn off the Internet as well. It's simple, just click here and hit the big red button. ;-)

I'm not even sure how to begin to describe this virtual zoo of digital wireframe creations, except to say that it's addictive, fun, and a great way to relive a little stress. You can play with one of the creations in the zoo, or build your own. Then adjust parameters such as gravity, friction, and spring stiffness. Cool!

Succeeding in spite of Management?  
Working in a Dilbert World? Is it just me, or do the worst run companies have the most "motivational" posters hanging around? Slowly replace them with a few of these. Chances are nobody will notice.

The Encyclopedia Mythica
An online encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend with over 5,700 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. Makes a great reference for generating computer/server names, project codenames, hard to guess passwords, and a unique test user list for computer labs. (This site is temporarily unavailable)

The Official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Web page
2 of our favorite artists have a great web page that features a lot of their classic fantasy art. Very cool, but don't go here if you're easily offended.

This American Life
Listen to past weekly broadcasts of this popular program which airs on WBEZ in Chicago and is syndicated on National Public Radio. The show features original short stories (mostly non-fiction) that are an audio documentary about our lives in America. The subjects are wide ranging and often simultaneously humorous and introspective, as well as always compelling and thought provoking. A great way to spend your lunch hour if you eat at your desk. (Although you'll want to use headphones.) 


Bugs by the Pound
No, this isn't Microsoft's homepage. It's from Berkshire Biological, who breed and ship a wide variety of bugs, worms, small lizards, and other goodies to almost anywhere in the U.S. ;-)

Cruel Site of the Day  
You can get lost exploring this page. Bring a sick sense of humor, you'll need it.

Squirrel Fishing  
What do you get when you mix a few bored Harvard Students, some peanut butter, and a fishing pole?

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Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
I think so Brain, but if we have nothing to fear but fear itself, then why does Eleanor Roosevelt wear that spooky mask?
- From Pinky and the Brain "Whatever happened to BabyBrain?"

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