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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Computer Hardware Tips and Reviews

As hard as we try, we can't be all things to all people. If you're looking for more in-depth resources than you've found in our index, we highly recommend the following sites.
Ars Technica serves up the best multi-OS, PC hardware, and tech coverage possible while remembering what it's all about: having fun, being productive, and being as informative and as accurate as possible. 

CPU Central
The Internet's premiere source for x86 CPU information. On this site you will find the latest information on all current and upcoming x86 CPU's, from companies such as Intel, Cyrix, AMD, and IDT

Ziff Davis's hardware page. Offers reviews, discussion boards, newsletters, etc.,

Hardware Central
Overclocking, Supercooling, Reviews, Tutorials, and Help.
Hardware Reviews, Links, and News.
A complete illustrated guide to PC Hardware

Comprehensive, general resource on IBM-compatible personal computers.

PC Technology Guide
Covers the PC's major internal components and peripheral devices and, as its name implies, is more concerned with PC technologies than products - and at present just hardware technology. Topics are covered at the overview rather than detailed technical level and the guide is aimed more at the PC hobbyist than the IT professional.

Sharkey Extreme
The latest hardware and software News, Reviews, buying guides, links and more.
System Optimization Information to get your machines screaming fast, Home of the Ultimate Upgrade Guide

The Tech Page
An online database that holds jumpers and specs for thousands of hard drives from hundreds of manufacturers. Also includes low level format and other hard drive utilities, and a free discussion forum.

Tom's Hardware Guide
The mother of all hardware pages. This page is phenomenal! Everything you ever wanted to know about CPU's, memory, motherboards, etc., This site has been so successful, it spawned a book based on its content. Lot's of great info, guides, reviews, links, and more. LabMice Favorite

Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell
A comprehensive, categorized computer hardware help directory with many specific topic resources. Settings, specs, configs, reviews, tutorials, how to, faq, downloads, troubleshooting and much more.
The Web's #1 Guide for Hardware Reviews.

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