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SCSI Controllers

SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface, pronounced "scuzzy") is a parallel interface standard used to connect devices to a PC. Although most manufacturers prefer to use the new USB interface for external peripherals, SCSI controllers and hard drives are still a very popular in servers that require high speed disk access and support for RAID.

Where to Start...
Properly Connecting SCSI Devices to Windows NT
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 101352 - Properly Connecting SCSI Devices to Windows NT

SCSI is an entirely different interface than the more popular IDE. It is more of a system level interface, meaning that it does not only deal with disk drives. Source:

SCSI Hardware Performance Considerations for MS Windows 95/Windows NT
SCSI Hardware Performance Considerations for MS Windows 95/Windows NT By Kai Kaltenbach A primer on SCSI interfaces in Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT, this article lists and explains the basic facts about SCSI: host adapters, bandwidth use in various configurations, hard drives. etc., Source:

SCSI Limits in Windows 2000 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 286050 - The maximum addressing limits for SCSI under Windows 2000 are:

The popularity of SCSI is increasing rapidly, but this may be attributed to a misunderstanding. This article sets the record straight. Source:

Known Bugs and Issues...
Problems connecting Attaching SCSI-2 Devices to SCSI-3 Adapter
After you attach a 50-pin or Centronics SCSI-2 hard disk, scanner, tape Drive, or other device to a 68-pin SCSI-3 interface, your computer may stop responding or not respond when accessing SCSI bus. You may or may not see any events in the event log indicating a problem.

Certain BusLogic Controllers Not Supported in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 216544 - Windows 2000 does not contain support for certain specific BusLogic SCSI controllers.

Kernel Exception on Dell PowerEdge 6350 Server with Adaptec 294x SCSI Adapter 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 230914 - When you install Windows 2000 on a Dell PowerEdge 6350 server with an Adaptec 294x SCSI controller and you have Windows 2000 configured for IMAP4, POP3, and SMTP, you may receive the following kernel exception error message after the server

ScsiPort Hangs After it Fails a Request Because the Target Was Busy
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 280114 - ScsiPort stops responding (hangs) after it fails a request because the target was busy. The request is retried 20 times, and after the request does not work during the twentieth attempt, the request fails, but packets that are waiting in queues are not started.

SCSI Port Driver May Cause Your Computer to Hang
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 275620 - When you are using your Windows 2000-based computer, your computer may become unstable, it may stop responding (hang), and you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

Small Disk Partitions May Not Work as a Basic Disk
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 291588 - Programs that retrieve disk geometry information may show that very small SCSI disks have one cylinder. Such a disk may not work as a basic disk, and you cannot perform operations on such a disk by using Logical Disk Manager. Also, the disk properties show the size of the disk as zero bytes.

Some SCSI Adapter Drivers Previously Included in Windows NT 4.0 Are Unavailable in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 228104 - There are several Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) adapter drivers that have been removed from Windows 2000 that were previously included in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51. If you are using one of the SCSI adapters listed later in in this article, a "clean" installation of Windows 2000 may not work, and may generate a STOP 0x0000007B error message. Note that this should not affect an upgrade from Windows NT to Windows 2000 because Windows 2000 is compatible with the older Windows NT drivers

Windows 2000 May Not Recognize Yamaha CRW4416S SCSI Drive
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 237669 - After you install Microsoft Windows 2000 or Millennium Edition, your Yamaha CRW4416S SCSI drive may not be listed in Device Manager or no drive letter for this drive appears in My Computer and the Add New Hardware wizard in Control Panel does not list any Yamaha products

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