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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Windows 2000 Device Driver icon

Windows 2000 Driver Verifier

Driver Verifier is designed for use in conjunction with the Windows 2000 Device Driver Kit (DDK) to allow you to simulate certain conditions (for example, low memory conditions, I/O verification, pool tracking, and so on) on drivers you have written. You should use Driver Verifier to help test new kernel mode drivers in a test environment, but in some situations you may need to run the tool on a production server. 
Related Articles
Driver Verifier Always Performs Certain Kernel-Mode Driver Tests in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229902 Driver Verifier monitors the selected driver for the following forbidden actions, regardless of which options you choose to monitor. 

Error Message When You Use the Driver Verifier Utility to Monitor a Driver
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 298690 - When you use the Driver Verifier utility (Verifer.exe) to monitor a driver or drivers with the Special Pool option enabled, your computer may stop responding (hang), and you may receive the following error message: STOP 0x000000C4 (0x00000038 0x00000000 0x00000000 0xbe68dfc8) DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION.

How to Use Driver Verifier to Troubleshoot Device Drivers in Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 244617 Driver Verifier is included in Windows 2000 to promote stability and reliability, and you can use this tool to troubleshoot driver issues. In Windows 2000, kernel-mode components can cause system corruption or system failures 

Partial List of Possible Error Codes with Driver Verifier
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 229903 Driver Verifier is designed to test kernel-mode drivers. The tool may issue the following bug checks if it identifies a problem with the selected driver during testing. Driver Verifier performs extensive tests and checks the target drivers. 

Things to Consider Before You Enable Driver Verifier Manager on Production Servers
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 251233 - Windows 2000 includes Driver Verifier Manager, a tool you can use to troubleshoot new drivers. The tool stresses one or more binaries in an attempt to make them not work. If a binary is not written properly and Driver Verifier finds a problem an error message is displayed on a blue screen 


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