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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Disaster Recovery Resources

Lack of Disaster Recovery Planning is a sure fire way to shorten your career. We'll spare you the usual "ounce of prevention" speech, and just suffice it to say that you don't want to wait until the last minute on this one. Even if you think you have a good plan, reviewing it now and then is a great idea. Here's a handful of great resources to help you plan.
Resources for Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery. Includes sample plans and the Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages Online Edition, a database of over 2500 vendors, providing services and products to help you plan your response, manage your response, and recover from a disaster.

Disaster Readiness Planning Toolkit
The DRP Toolkit walks you through the 7 step process for developing your Disaster Readiness Plan, offering models and guidelines along the way. Included in the toolkit: sample questionnaire, sample meeting agenda, and sample exercises. Source:

Disaster Readiness Scorecard
Measures best practice disaster readiness. Shows how you compare with peer companies.
There are separate scorecards for Executves (10 questions) and IT/IS Professionals (20 questions); choose the one that's right for you, or try them both! Source:

Disaster Recovery Journal  
A free magazine dedicated to Disaster Recovery. Subscribers also have free access to the article archive on the site. A must read and one of the best resources available for Disaster Recovery. LabMice Favorite!

Disaster Resource Guide Online
A great resource directory that includes articles, book reviews, organizations, other resource links, etc.,

Disaster Recovery Glossary  
Courtesy of the Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages
The Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages OnLine edition is a database of over 2500 vendors, providing services and products to help you plan your response, manage your response, and recover from a disaster. If you need to find a product or service pertaining to any aspect of disaster planning and recovery, for as little as $98, you can subscribe to our OnLine version, allowing you to "drill-down" for information in any of five categories. An example is shown in Section I below. Or, as a subscriber, you can drill down for information in all five categories, and use our advanced search engine.

The official home page of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Journal of Business Continuity
A free online journal that contains authoritative articles on the subject of business continuity as well as being an interactive forum for discussion. All subscribers can e-mail contributions, questions and statements

More Disaster Recovery Resources
Another Directory of DR Resources by DLT Tape.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Auditing Your Disaster Recovery Plan
A closer look at High Tech Crime, and the possibility of it becoming the most likely disaster in the 21st Century. Source:

Components of a Successful LAN Disaster Recovery Plan
A must read article by Leo A. Wrobel. Source:

Create a Disaster Emergency Plan 1-2-3
Any type of a disaster (natural or manmade) can bring business to a halt if you're not prepared. However, you can take three steps now to make sure your data center's resources will continue to function during and after a major disaster. Source: EarthWeb (Dec 21, 2000)

Disaster Recovery Planning  
A sample recovery outline from the Computer Security Administration at the University of Toronto. A great reference if you need assistance in creating one for your organization.

Getting Started: Disaster Recovery Planning
A great primer on how to formulate a DR plan without destroying your budget. Source:

Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan - Before Disaster Strikes
Brief overview and recommendations by Nathan Rector.

Preparing the Disaster-Recovery/Business- Continuation Plan
Tips on how to start on your plan. Source:

Remote storage disaster recovery for Windows 2000 networks
If data is saved on remote storage tapes, you're safe, right? Well, maybe not. Brien Posey reminds you can things can go wrong when tapes are constantly overwritten, and he explains how to avoid and recover from storage disasters. Source: EarthWeb (Sept 12, 2001)

Surviving a Computer Systems Disaster: A Business Continuity Planning Primer
For professional who are serious about disaster recovery, this white paper is rich and deep in information. As a single offering, it is the most comprehensive resource on the site.

Win2K Disaster Recovery
Discover how to plan for, prepare for, and test your data-recovery procedures before you really need them. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine  (Sept 2002)

Sample Disaster Plans, Outlines, and Tutorials

Contingency Planning Outline
A brief outline of a DR plan as an example to convey the typical content of a detailed contingency plan. The format will likely vary for each organization. Components may be combined in lists, matrices or charts. Not all components will apply to all organizations. Source: Kansas Department of Administration

Disaster Recovery Planning
A sample Disaster project plan outline from the University of Toronto. Source: University of Toronto

Disaster Recovery Planning - Have You FORGOTTEN...??
All the little things that many people forget to put in their DR plans. Source:

DRJ Sample Recovery Plan
A free outline, with access to the full plan for subscribers to Disaster Recovery Journal (The subscription is free.) Source:

MIT Business Continuity Plan
This is an external release of the MIT Business Continuity Plan. 
For information on the plan or Business Continuity Planning at MIT, call Jerry Isaacson MIT Information Security Office at (617) 253-1440 or send e-mail to

Nestle USA: Creativity as a Key to Disaster Recovery Planning
A Whitepaper describing the challenges a unique solutions that went into Nestl©'s DR plan. Source:

Plan Writing Tutorial
Have you been charged with creating or re-working your company's disaster recover plan? This informative article will walk you through all the steps necessary to ensure your plan is strong and successful. Source:

UW Madison and UW Wisconsin Sample Library Disaster Recovery Plan
This document outlines recovery plans for the UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee Library systems managed by the Library and Information Retrieval Applications (LIRA) staff. The purpose of this plan is to ensure that critical operations can resume or continue normal processing after a hardware or software failure.

Other Useful Articles

A Practical Guide to Electricity for Network Administrators  
By Candy Prince, Windows NT Systems Magazine, July 1999

Backup Against Disaster
Article by Steve Rigney spells out why a network backup should be an essential element of any solid disaster recovery plan. Covers backup basics, tips, replication, and software review.
Source: PC Magazine (March 24, 1998)

Backups and Disaster Recovery
Great primer that stresses the value of backups, risks, backup methods, devices and media, scheduling, media rotation, what and how to back up your data, and on how to make boot disks. Source:

Computer Security Incident Handling: Step-by-Step
Weather isn't the only type of Disasters. Hackers can destroy your network as well. Learn how to implement an effective response. Source:

Disaster Recovery for Frame Relay Networks
Whitepaper that covers risks, common Frame Relay failures, steps for successful DR planning, recovery options, etc. Source:

Efficient Use of Workplace Telephones after Disaster Strikes
A must read article by Judy Bell, a retired Division Operations Manager at Pacific Bell, and President of Disaster Survival Planning. Source:

Hurricanes 101
A quick primer on Hurricanes by Chris Floyd, the Disaster Services Director of the American Red Cross. Source:

Network crash survival tips
Think you're prepared for a major meltdown? Think again. This checklist helps you cover all the bases. Source: EarthWeb (May 19, 2000)

SANS Network Security Roadmap
Hacker-proofing, advance planning before they hit you - A Computer Security Roadmap 
Written for UNIX Admins, but plenty of useful information for everyone.

Smooth Moves
Relocating a data center can be enough of a challenge; doing so with minimal business disruption demands good luck and great planning. Some of the most successful moves have been little more than activations of customized versions of the operations' disaster recovery plan. Source:

Thunderstorms and Lightning: A Preparedness Guide.
A quick primer by Chris Floyd, the Disaster Services Director of the American Red Cross. Source:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Find out what you need to look for when you choose your next UPS--it might just save your network. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (April 2000)

Lightning Strikes
Don't let your hardware go up in smoke. Learn the marks of a top-notch surge suppressor. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine (Nov 2000)

UPS Buyers Guide
By Ramon Loyola, Windows NT Systems, July 1999

When Disaster Strikes...
Come hell or high water, today's business environment demands that your data networks keep running. What's the best solution for disaster recovery. Source: Network Magazine (Jan 2000)

Windows 2000 Server Disaster Recovery Guidelines
Network administrators must develop disaster prevention and recovery procedures for their software and files. This paper details a strategy for that, and lists new or enhanced Windows 2000 file system, data storage, and System State features. As well, this paper introduces the improved Windows 2000 Backup utility and provides guidelines for recovery of machines running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Source: (March 10, 2000)

Data Recovery Vendors

Aver Drivetronics Data Recovery
Aver Drivetronics
has been in the hard drive business since 1979,  making them one of the most successful and experienced hard drive data recovery houses in the world. Their data recovery centers are equipped with class 100 cleanrooms, servo writers, and custom software to ensure the safe recovery of your hard drive's data. They specialize in repairing damaged data caused by Hardware Failure, Virus Contamination, and User Error

Data Recovery Group
Data Recovery Group is a complete data recovery service that specializes in recovering data from hard disk drives. As a former hard drive repair facility that has offered data recovery for over 16 years, they are uniquely qualified to offer recovery services for data losses caused by power surges & outages, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, other natural disasters, sabotage, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidents, & user error (deleted files, formatted / f-disked drives).

Data Recovery Labs
Data Recovery Labs provides data recovery service and data recovery services specializing in the recovery of data from crashed and non-functioning media. Experienced in multiple operating systems. DRL is one of only eight Data Recovery operations in North America with a Clean Room which has been inspected and approved by major Hard Disk manufacturers.

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