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Last Updated March 15, 2004

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Resume Tips for IT Professionals

In the new world of job hunting, the rules for resumes have changed. Keywords are important. How your resume looks when it's scanned is important. The paper it's printed on, isn't.


Deadly Cover Letter Mistakes
20 things to keep in mind when writing your cover letter. Source: Career Explorer

Getting the Word Out! A Quick Guide to Marketing Your Resume
You've spent hours fine-tuning your resume, and the ink is barely dry on your final print copy, when it suddenly hits you -- What do I do now?" Answer: start marketing. There is no magic to marketing. Simply put, it's getting your resume to people who can assist you in your career search either by hiring you or by referring you to someone who can. Your goal is to gain as much exposure as possible in the job market as quickly as possible. The Internet has made self-promotion easier and much more efficient. Remember, it's the proactive job seeker that gets the best job the fastest. Source:

How To Address Gaps in Your Career History
Did you try your hand at consulting after a layoff? Take time off after the birth of a child? Have a disability that lasted several months? Life would certainly be easier if your career history could be perfectly presented on a resume. But for many job seekers, a few missing years can haunt you when sending these critical documents to headhunters and prospective employers. How do you tactfully and accurately address the missing years in your resume and/or cover letter? Source:

How to write a Masterpiece of a resume  
An online excerpt from Nicolas Lore's book THE PATHFINDER: How To Choose Or Change Your Career For A Lifetime Of Satisfaction and Success to be published by Simon & Schuster

JobStar's Resume Resources
Includes resume samples, tips, and other resources.

Mississippi State University's Interview and Resume Information

Preparing a scanable resume  
Great advice from Pat Kendall, a certified resume writer.
Although your certification and years of experience will get you a job, having a well written resume will get you the right job. This site has over 40 free online workshops and job search workshops. They even have a special resume tip section for Computer Information Positions. Check out their guides for scanned resumes to find out what will happen to your resume if it's formatted incorrectly..

Quintessential Careers
Another great career site with lots of free information, seminars, advice, etc. Check out their Resume Resource Center and Fundamentals of a good resume.

Resumes and CV's -- What's the difference
A look at the official difference between and a resume and a CV, and what that means to a companies Human Resources department. Source:

Resume Magic - A Master Resume Writers Secrets Revealed  
Okay, it's not all that and a bag of chips, but it is a useful page with some good advice. Worth checking out. Check out the companion Interview Magic Page as well.

Yana Parker's web page for her excellent book series. You'll find lots of really good examples here.

The Rogue's Gallery of the 25 Worst Resume Mistakes
What makes this so funny is people have actually done this stuff. Source: Impact Publications

Top Ten Technical Resume Tips
Great advice from Taos Mountain, a technology company in San Francisco.

University of Minnesota's Resume Tutor  
A great online resource if you have no clue on how to write a resume.

Web-able resumes  
A great guide to publishing your resume online. Not a truly comprehensive resource, but it is well done and will point you in the right direction.


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
I think so Brain, but shouldn't the bat boy be wearing a cape.
- Pinky the Brain in "Pinky at the Bat"

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