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Last Updated March 15, 2004

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Making a Job Transition

Should you quit?

Are You a Job-Hopper?
There's less of a stigma against job-hopping nowadays. Source: The

How and When to Get Out of an Internet Failure
At a recent NYCR event, an M&A expert advised Internet investors when and how to maximize returns on their investments -- and how to minimize losses. Timely advice, in light of recent market events. Source: The

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Is the layoff carnage at your company starting to look like a bad horror flick? You've got two choices: Stay and fight, or run for it.

How to Quit

Divorcing Your Profession
If you are considering changing professions or moving to another industry, you are not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 67% of American workers want to change their professions. You may have been working as an accountant for 20 years and now would like a career in sales. If so, there are ways to successfully convey the transferable skills you have as an accountant to match the needs of a company looking for a sales person. To be successful, you need to fully assess your skills, lay out a plan of attack, and then go full force ahead. Source:

Leaving a Job Without Burning Bridges
How you part ways with an employer can be important to your future success. Source:

Resigning Tips
Considering a job change, what to expect when you tender your resignation, and guidance on counteroffers. Source: CareersPlus

The Exit Interview - A guide to getting out of there graciously
You've resigned, hurrah! But be prepared because from now on, any day after you've handed in your notice, the exit interview is imminent. Research suggests that many people are unclear about exactly what an exit interview is but there is growing evidence from both the United States and the UK that such meetings are taking place more and more. Here then is the guide to the exit interview, what it is, what it's there for and how to handle it.

Recovering from  a Layoff or Termination
How to Overcome a Sudden Job Loss
Real world coping advice from a former unemployment counselor.

How to Heal Your Job-Loss Wounds
How long will it take to re-establish your self-esteem and a sense of security following reemployment? That often depends on the circumstances of your job loss.

Interviewing after a firing
Were you fired from your last job? How do you explain yourself? in interviews? Un-fired and feeling charitable? Take the time to console a distraught consultant. Source: The

Maintaining Your Confidence After a Layoff
Whether you're out of work by choice or due to a layoff or other involuntary separation, you can take control of your situation, manage the inner impact and find another job. If you've experienced a job loss recently, the following advice may put your circumstances into perspective and get you started on your new job search.

Overcoming the Stigma of Losing Your Job
While it's true that candidates who were let go in a massive layoff tend to avoid the stigma of unemployment, those who lost jobs because their positions were eliminated face a greater challenge landing new positions, according to a study of human resources professionals. And despite claims to the contrary, employed candidates tend to earn job offers more often than their unemployed colleagues. Source:

Surviving the Cull
from the Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio
When faced with major layoffs, the way a company treats the people who are leaving has an immense impact on the morale of the people who are staying. Source:

How to Negotiate A Fair Severance Package
If your employer©s proposed separation package is unfair, you can ask for more. You can negotiate on your own, without a lawyer. Lawyers are expensive, and your employer may resent your bringing an "outsider" into what it regards as a "family" dispute. You may not want to jeopardize a good relationship with your former employer by retaining an aggressive lawyer to engage in hostile negotiations. 

Pinklet, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
Umm, I think so Brainie, but why would anyone want to Pierce Brosnan?
- Pinky and the Brain in "Brainie the Pooh"

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