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Last Updated March 15, 2004

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Office Politics

Most technical people never really give a second thought to office politics, but if you ever really want move in most companies, you have to know how to play the game. Playing it well doesn't mean you have to ruthless or sell your ethics short. Here are a few good places to learn the basics.

Where to Start...

Learning the Art of Negotiation
Get tactical at work and get what you want. Source:

Rules for Office Politics
21 rules for playing the game right. Source:

Schmooze or Lose
Tips on career networking. Source:

The Bad Guy's And Gal's Guide to Office Politics
Dealing with the downside of office politics. A cutthroat offers advice on playing the game without rules. Source:

The Good Guys (and Girls) Guide to Office Politics
Even when you're out to get something done - not to do someone in - you have to play politics. Fast Company's five-point campaign manual will help you play to win. Source:

Avoiding Common Pitfalls..

Avoiding Career Landmines
When it comes to the workplace, be sure to watch your step. Source:

Common Office Mistakes
Big problems in small packages. Source:

Dealing with your Boss
Dealing With a New Boss
Preparing for a new boss will help you get your career up and running quick. Source:

How to work with Control Freaks
Why are some people obsessed with control? Why do they insist that everything be done their way even when your way works just as well -- or even better? Here's why they are like they are, and a few tips for dealing with them.

No Shame in Office Politics?
Success sometimes depends on kissing up to the boss. Source:

What to do When Your Colleague Becomes Your Boss
Honesty and humility may be your best tools in an awkward situation. Source:

Interpersonal Relationships
At Work, Little Things Mean A Lot
Everyday things you can do to impress your co-workers. Source:

Getting Respect In The Workplace
Earn the respect of your coworkers by being proactive and solution-oriented. Source:

Fair fighting
When you take off the gloves, keep your cool. Here's how. Source:

Learning to Play Ball
How to cope with team players who don't carry their load. Source:

Making Allies in the Workplace
It's important to have your coworkers on your side. Here are some ways to maintain a positive relationship with them. Source:

Men Are From Sales, Women From Marketing
A practical guide to understanding your co-workers. Source:

Office Romances are Dot-Complicated
Breaking up at work is hard to do. Source:

Office Relationships
If anything can go wrong with your workplace romance, it probably will. Source:

Omigod! It's Office Gossip
Cultivate a professional working environment by reducing idle chat. Source:

Pssst! The Real Deal on Office Gossips
Gossip isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to use it requires care.  Source:

The Importance of Face Time
Staying social and visible at work can help more than your social life. Source:

The Ripple Effect
What happens when rookies earn more than veterans. Source:

The Whole Truth
Are people regularly and habitually lying in the workplace? Source:

Winning Gracefully
How to get ahead without making enemies. Source:

You Know Too Much
How to handle being overqualified. Source:

Living in a Box...
Are You a Cubicle Potato?
How to fit in fitness at the office. Source:

The Coolest Cube
You can spruce up your old cube with a few simple tips. Source:

Thinking Outside the Box
How to overcome the cubicle-based workplace. Source:

Pinky, Art Thou Pondering That Which I Am Pondering?
Me thinks so Brain, verily, but doest thou think Pete Rose by any other name would still smell as sweaty?
- Pinky and the Brain "Melancholy Brain"

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