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Last Updated March 16, 2004

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The web has changed a lot of industries in the past few years, but the employment process has literally been turned upside down. Some of the best resources available to job seekers and employers are online. Unlike our other pages which include book recommendations and other articles, we think you'll find everything you need on the web. These are our picks for career sites suited to IT Technology Professionals. Happy hunting!

Resource Centers

Job Search Engines
A collection of online job search engines geared for technology professionals
Job Search Strategies
Advice for finding the right job without tearing your hair out.
Resume Tips
Advice on how to write, format, and present your resume.
Interview Strategies
Get the most out of the interview process and make a great first impression
Salary and Compensation
Do you know what you're worth? Check our collection of salary surveys, calculators, and negotiating strategies.
Making a Job Transition
How to quit your job gracefully, survive a layoff, or recover from a termination.
Managing Stress
Tips and advice on managing stress, preventing burnout, and finding balance.
Office Politics
Learning to play the game well can make a lot of difference in how far you go.
Articles and Advice
A mix of career advice and useful articles on a variety of career topics.
Contracting and Freelancing
Resources for the independent technical consultant.
Recent Employment News and Trends
Finding Work in Tough Times
Times are still tough for many IT professionals, and that means certain adaptation strategies are emerging. Evolving your skills can help you survive and thrive. Source: Certification Magazine warns false job postings could lead to identity theft
An e-mail from Internet job board warning that fake listings are being used to steal personal information began arriving in users' computer mailboxes Thursday. Acknowledging a growing problem for online career sites, the message cautions that "regrettably, from time to time, false job postings are listed online and used to illegally collect personal information from unsuspecting job seekers." Source: Associated Press
(Feb 28, 2003)

Layoff lessons learned and tips for job-seekers
The abrupt about-face in the job market has left many IT pros in shell shock. But those who fell victims to the last recession a decade ago saw it coming and can offer tips on how plan for a brighter future. Source: ComputerWorld 

10 Hard Truths About Layoffs
How do you respond to the new era of downsizing without downsizing your dreams? We begin our layoff series with tough lessons from CEOs and top recruiters who have been there, done that. Source: FastCompany  

How to protect your IT career
Whether it's a correction, a slowdown or a full-fledged recession, one thing is certain: The economic outlook is anything but rosy. Faced with declining budgets, companies must cut duplication and inefficiency. The key to keeping your job is to prove your value to the bottom line and business strategy. Source: ComputerWorld


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