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Last Updated March 15, 2004

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Contracting and Freelance Resources

The word "freelance" comes from a knight whose lance was free for hire, i.e. not pledged to one master. If you find yourself getting bored with a job every 12 -18 months and being stuck with managers you don't like, you may want to consider working as a freelance IT contractor. The pay is usually higher, you may still receive benefits, and you can often pick and choose between contracts.

Where to Start

An Introduction to the world of contracting
An overview of the basics by Contract Job Hunter

The Hidden Job Market
The best jobs are never advertised. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Secrets of successful contractors
After years of contracting and "corrupting" countless worker drones who just didn't know any better, we finally put our strategies and secrets to paper. Learn how contracting companies operate, how to beat them at their game, and how to become an "elite" contractor who can pick and choose the premium jobs

The Top 20 Sites for Locating Freelance Work
The Top 20 Sites for Locating Freelance Work (across industries)

Top Sites for Tech Freelance Work
For those techies who enjoy being their own boss and structuring their own time, there is no better professional route than freelancing.

Additional Articles
Be Quick, Be Nimble, or Be Gone
Working on Internet time is having a profound impact not only on how firms organize and deploy their consulting staffs, but also on what consultants need to do to be effective in this environment. Source: The

The contract employee's Handbook
The "Bible" for contractors as far as we're concerned. This book was written by a permanent placement headhunter who knows the entire contracting industry from the inside out. The book describes how agencies work, and why some agencies take a higher cut of the bill rate, and why some take less.

Contract Employment Daily
Online discussion board for American Contractors. Topics include IRS Issues, Contract Rates, Shop Talk, Horror Stories, Agencies, etc.,

Contract Employment Weekly
Specializes in job openings for serious Contractors and Consultants in engineering, IT/IS, and technical disciplines. Our jobs include all positions advertised in Contract Employment Weekly magazine. In addition to a jobs database, our members have access to a wide range of job-seeking services...all for just $20/year.

The online home of Contract Professional Magazine.

Finding contract work
Should an IT consultant go it alone or rely on an agency to line up assignments? Source: Network World Fusion (June 1, 2001)

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I think so Brain, but why does a forklift have to be so big if all it does is lift forks?
- Pinky and the Brain "The family the poits together, narfs together"

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