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Last Updated March 15, 2004

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Tech Career Articles and Advice

Our collection of useful articles and career advice for around the web.


25 Hot Tips for Managing Your Career
From CareerLab, 25 useful tips to help you guide your own career growth.

A Head for Business
Demand for techies who can manage people or money is growing. Source: (Nov 1999)

Are You Crazy Not To Work In High Tech?
When do the rewards of a teaching career outweigh the material benefits of choosing an IT job? One man who's made this choice muses. Source: The

Be Quick, Be Nimble, or Be Gone
Working on Internet time is having a profound impact not only on how firms organize and deploy their consulting staffs, but also on what consultants need to do to be effective in this environment. Source: The

Can't Get No (Career) Satisfaction
You'd think that a (still) healthy economy and a virtual smorgasbord of job openings would lead to happiness and contentment among today's worker bees. Yet employees are less satisfied with their jobs than they were five years ago. Source: The

Choosing Your Recruiter
There has been an extraordinary amount of ink (and bytes) devoted to the topic of recruiters recently. A few people love them, many don't, but it seems everyone is looking for "a good one." What is clear from this rise to prominence is the significance of recruiters in today's Internet job market. Source: The

Computer personnel are entitled to overtime
An excellent article by attorney John J. Porter outlining the federal guidelines as to exactly what constitutes an employee who can be considered exempt from overtime. Don't assume you are, just because your employer says you are. Get the facts! Source:

Ferraris and Cold Hard Cash -- Recruiting in Today's Tech Industry
Companies are going beyond vacation days and company picnics to attract skilled employees. Source: The

Give Your Career a Shot in the Arm
CareerLab gives you some tips to help you rescue your career if you're feeling burned out. Nov 1997

How to Research a Company/Opportunity
Tips on how to make a better career decision by investigating your situation before, during, and after your interview. Source: The

Job Changers Find A Barrier In Non-Competes
If you think you're changing your job, better check your employment contract first. Non-compete clauses in contracts are an increasingly daunting roadblock to job changers in today's marketplace. Source: The

Jumpstart Your Career
From Career Magazine.

Managing Career Expectations in the Internet Economy
You're overworked and underpaid. Your boss is a source of constant aggravation. The headhunters are at the door. Get a new job. Everybody is doing it. Things are much better elsewhere. Just before you jump, consider a few things. Source: The

Make Yourself Adaptable
From InfoWorld, tips and advice to make sure you can keep up with the changing technology and be marketable in the future.

Putting That English Degree To Work - in Technology
An English degree and tech savvy can go together. Source: The

Startups are Sexy, But are they a Sound Career Move?
Is there anything sexier than the drama of new ideas and the promise of unprecedented riches presented by a fledgling Internet enterprise? For tens of thousands of highly-skilled workers, the answer is a resounding "no." Source: The

The critical shortage of women in IT
Reversing downward spiral in ranks of female IT workers is critical to solving technology worker shortage. Source: NetworkWorld (Nov 1999)

Why are employers so picky?
Hiring practices are changing for the coming year. Don't be caught by surprise. Source: InfoWorld.


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
I think so Brain, but wouldn't his movies be more suitable for children if he was named 'Jean Claude Van Darn'?
- Pinky and the Brain "Inherit the Wheeze"

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