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Last Updated December 10, 2003

Default Windows 2000 Server Services

The following is a list of services included in a default installation of Windows 2000 Server
HomeWindows 2000 > Administration > Services
The Default column shows the service startup for a Windows 2000-based server.
Service Full Name Default
Alerter Alerter Automatic
AppMgmt Application Management Manual
ClipSrv ClipBook Manual
EventSystem COM+ Event System Manual
Browser Computer Browser Automatic
DHCP DHCP Client Automatic
Dfs Distributed File System Automatic
TrkWks Distributed Link Tracking Client Automatic
TrkSrv Distributed Link Tracking Server Manual
MSDTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator Automatic
DNSCache DNS Client Automatic
EventLog Event Log Automatic
Fax Fax Service Manual
NtFrs File Replication Manual
IISADMIN IIS Admin Service Automatic
Cisvc Indexing Service Manual
SharedAccess Internet Connection Sharing Manual
IsmServ Intersite Messaging Disabled
PolicyAgent IPSEC Policy Agent(IPSEC Service) Automatic
Kdc Kerberos Key Distribution Center Disabled
LicenseService License Logging Service Automatic
Dmserver Logical Disk Manage Automatic
Dmadmin Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Manual
Messenger Messenger Automatic
Netlogon Net Logon Automatic*
Mnmsrvc NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Manual
Netman Network Connections Manual
NetDDE Network DDE Manual
NetDDEdsdm Network DDE DSDM Manual
NtLmSsp NTLM Security Support Provider Manual
SysmonLog Performance Logs and Alerts Manual
PlugPLay Plug and Play Automatic
Spooler Print Spooler Automatic
ProtectedStorage Protected Storage Automatic
RSVP QoS Admission Control (RSVP) Manual
RasAuto Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Manual
RasMan Remote Access Connection Manager Manual
RpcSs Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Automatic
Rpclocator Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Manual
RemoteRegistry Remote Registry Service Automatic
NtmsSvc Removable Storage Automatic
RemoteAccess Routing and Remote Access Disabled
Seclogon RunAs Service Automatic
SamSs Security Accounts Manager Automatic
Lanmanserver Server Automatic
SMTPSVC Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Automatic
ScardSvr Smart Card Manual
ScardDrv Smart Card Helper Manual
SENS System Event Notification Automatic
Schedule Task Scheduler Automatic
LmHosts TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service Automatic
TapiSrv Telephony Manual
TlntSvr Telnet Manual
TermService Terminal Services Disabled
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Manual
UtilMan Utility Manager Manual
MSIServer Windows Installer Manual
WinMgmt Windows Management Instrumentation Manual
WMI Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions Manual
W32Time Windows Time Automatic*
LanmanWorkstation WorkStation Automatic
W3svc World Wide Web Publishing Service Automatic

* - Automatic for a server in the domain. Manual if server belongs to a workgroup.

The following table lists additional services that are included with Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server and can be added to a default installation.
Service Full Name
BINLSVC Boot Information Negotiation Layer
CertSvc Certificate Services
ClusSvc Cluster Service
DHCPServer DHCP Server
DNS DNS Server
MacFile File Server for Macintosh
MSFTPSVC FTP Publishing Servic
NWCWorkstation Gateway Service for Netware
IAS Internet Authentication Service
MSMQ Message Queuing
NntpSvc Network News Transport Protocol (NNTP)
NSLService On-Line Presentation Broadcast
MacPrint Print Server for Macintosh
Remote_Storage_Engine Remote Storage Engine
Remote_Storage_File_System_Agent Remote Storage File
Remote_Storage_Subsystem Remote Storage Media
Remote_Storage_User_Link Remote Storage Notification
NwSapAgent SAP Agent
SimpTcp Simple TCP/IP Services
Groveler Single Instance Storage Grovele
LDAPSVCX Site Server ILS Service
LPDSVC TCP/IP Print Server
TermServLicensing Terminal Services Licensing
TFTPD Trivial FTP Daemon
WINS Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
nsmonitor Windows Media Monitor Service
nsprogram Windows Media Program Service
nsstation Windows Media Station Service
nsunicast Windows Media Unicast Service


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