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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Anti-Virus Definitions and Encyclopedias

Virus Definitions and Encyclopedias

AVP Virus Encyclopedia  
An excellent online encyclopedia from AntiViral Toolkit Pro. Includes Virus Analysis Texts by alphabetically and by category, and also has a search engine.

Dr Solomon's Virus Central
Technical Papers, definitions, alerts, and special sections on Wild List Index, a Virus Gallery, and Macro Viruses.

F-Secure Virus Info Center
The first anti-virus web site, and still considered to be one of the best. It features a virus description database that is updates several times a week, and a search engine for Virus and Hoax descriptions.

IBM's Virus Database
Large no-frills alphabetical list of virus description. Check out there cross reference list for virus alias names, and their Anti-Virus Glossary

ICSA Virus Lab  
International Computer Security Association Virus News and Alerts, Hoaxes, Virus Definitions, Wild List Archive, etc., ICSA also certifies Anti-Virus products, so make sure the software you use is on their list. Check out their Whitepapers.

Joe Wells Virus Encyclopedia
Best known as the author of the highly acclaimed In the Wild list, Joe created a comprehensive virus encyclopedia. Includes a Virus Glossary

Lockdown2000 -The Hackers Trojan World
A must visit site that includes screen shots and description of various Trojan programs hackers are using daily to break into systems

McAffee's Virus Info Page
McAffee site features a real time virus map, virus information library, information on haoxes, virus calendar, and DAT updates for their products. Also includes detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them.

Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center
Bulletins and virus definitions, but available in several language versions. Check out their Knowledge Base, and Virus Naming Conventions.

Trend Micro's Virus Encyclopedia
Their site includes searchable definition index,  security alerts, Hoaxes, a primer, and a Virus "Hospital" for submission of infected files to Trend Micro. Worth checking out is their EICAR Standard AntiVirus Test file, and the Weekly Virus Report

Virus Bulletin
A technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products. Includes a Wild List archive, links to AV developers, Virus Hoax lists, and ratings of AV software. For the full time anti-virus administrator, they offer a subscription based monthly update that will keep you informed of the current events and news in the industry, as well as providing detailed analysis of specific computer viruses and reviews of products designed to combat them.
The Biggest Virus Encyclopedia! Permanently replenishing information generator about new viruses,  mechanisms of breeding and operation, detailed analysis of algorithms of viruses, and methods of guarding against computer viruses


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