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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Macro Viruses

Macro Viruses

Avoiding Macro Viruses
The #1 virus transmission method in recent years has been via exchanging Microsoft Office documents. This happens because MS Office documents can have "macros" (Visual Basic programs) attached, and these programs can be malicious. Source: SANS Institute

Frequently Asked Question about Word Macro Virusues
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 187243 - This article answers some of the more frequently asked questions concerning Word macro viruses. 

Java Security FAQ
Java can be a useful tool, but can also be used to write malicious applets that can wreak havoc. This FAQ by Sun Microsystems should clear up some of the major issues. Source: Sun Microsystems

Macro Virus Overviews
An excellent place to learn the basics of macro viruses.

Microsoft's Guide to Macro Viruses
A Basic Guide, but still has some useful information. The ironic thing is that Microsoft has unintentionally distributed several Macro Viruses on their own CD's. Get the full story here

Trapping the World's most prevalent viruses
A whitepaper by Trend Micro that gives an overview of macro virusues and their MacroTrap technology. Source: TrendMicro

Frequently Asked Questions About Malicious Web Scripts Redirected by Web Sites
A problem has recently been identified that can be found on a wide variety of web sites: what you receive from a web site may not be what that site meant to send. If you click on a specially designed link, the site may unknowingly send you bad data, unwanted pictures, and programs (malicious scripts) to compromise your data.

Disable VBS

Disable Windows Scripting Host

Disable unsafe Email Options : Outlook 98

Disable unsafe Email Options : Outlook 2000

Disable unsafe Email Options : Outlook Express 5

Disable unsafe Email Options : Netscape 4.x

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