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Last Updated December 10, 2003


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Anti-Virus Resource Center

Anti-Virus information changes so quickly that the best informational resources will always be online. Although there are a few books available, most of the information you'll ever need is available on the following sites or in the featured web pages.
Resource Centers

Where to Start
FAQ's, tutorials, and whitepapers
AntiVirus Encyclopedias
Index of the leading online virus encyclopedias.
AntiVirus Vendors
A list of major vendors that offer AntiVirus, mail scanning, and firewall scanning solutions for individuals and corporations.
Hoaxes and Virus Myths
Bogus virus alerts and hoaxes can overwhelm mail servers and cause as much damage as a real virus. Before you forward that e-mail to everyone in your contact list, take a minute to verify it.
Macro Viruses
Information on understanding, preventing, and managing macro viruses
Preventing and Containing Virus Threats
Articles and Advice on preventing a virus outbreak, and containing it if it does occur.
Recent Outbreaks
Information about newly discovered viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious code.
Virus Zoos
Need to test your antivirus software in a lab environment against a real threat? You can get "live" computer viruses from a number of sources around the web, or you can download software that will allow you to create your own.


Virus Alerts


Virus Prevalence Table

Industry News
Virus Throttle a Hopeful Defense
A researcher at Hewlett-Packard's labs has hit on a remarkably simple way to stem the damage computer viruses cause: Slow down connection to the infected machines. Source: Wired (Dec 9, 2002)

Klez remains atop virus lists
The Klez worm is topping lists of the most active viruses for yet another month, although several new pests made strong showings. Source: CNET (Aug 1, 2002)

Users question JPEG virus, McAfee stands firm
Users and antivirus vendors are questioning the seriousness of a virus announced last week by McAfee Security, as well as the manner in which McAfee doled out details about the virus. Source:  (June 21, 2002)

The Commoner's Virus
Despite its virulence, the Klez worm is ignored by the newspapers and dismissed by the digerati. Could the demographics of its victims be a factor? Source: SecurityFocus

The Computer Virus of the Future
Researchers say that the current Klez.H virus outbreak only vaguely resembles how viruses of the future might work. They point, instead, to last fall's Nimda virus as an example of how future security threats could behave. Source:

Virus alerts lack standards
Users, analysts and even executives within the antivirus vendor community say its high time that a standard reporting and risk rating procedure is established. Source: ComputerWorld (March 11, 2002)


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