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IntelliMirror Resources

IntelliMirror is a set of powerful features built into the Windows® 2000 operating system, designed for desktop Change and Configuration Management. It uses features in both Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional to allow users' data, software, and settings to follow them. Based on policy definitions, IntelliMirror is able to deploy, recover, restore or replace user’s data, software, and personal settings in a Windows 2000–based environment.  Not much has been written so on IntelliMirror so far, but we'll feature additional articles as they become available.
Where to Start...
Description of Windows 2000 IntelliMirror
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 272203 - The IntelliMirror management technologies are a set of powerful features built into Windows 2000 to increase reliability and reduce the overall cost of supporting users of Windows. IntelliMirror uses policy-based Change and Configuration Management.

Introduction to IntelliMirror
Downloadable Word document from Microsoft, posted April 19. 1999

Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy
From Microsoft TechNet, a Whitepaper on Windows 2000 Group Policies - one of the key components of Change and Configuration Management of IntelliMirror.

IntelliMirror Lets your information follow you.
An overview for managers from the Windows 2000 Server documentation.

The Windows Installer Service
Microsoft Whitepaper on using the new Windows Installer Service with IntelliMirror.

Understanding the Value of IntelliMirror, Remote OS Installation, and SMS
A whitepaper from Microsoft describing how IntelliMirror, Remote OS Installation, and SMS work together to offer a full complement of change and configuration management features for Windows-based systems. This article is a guide designed to help administrators select the right combined solution to configure and maintain users' desktops in their corporate computing environments.

Related Articles worth reading....

How to Publish ActiveX Controls in Windows 2000 Using IntelliMirror
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 241163 - Describes how to publish ActiveX controls using the IntelliMirror Software Installation and Maintenance technology in Windows 2000.

Implementing Common Desktop Scenarios
Microsoft white paper describes six scenarios for using IntelliMirror. These scenarios are intended to be starting points from which you can develop settings that are tailored to your environment. This includes options for registry-based policy settings, security settings, software installation, scripts, folder redirection, Microsoft Internet Explorer maintenance, and Remote Installation Services.

IntelliMirror Trick and Tips
Many IT professionals start by experimenting with the actual product before having a chance to review the materials. Use these tips and tricks to help you make the best use of IntelliMirror features. But because each environment is unique, use the links provided throughout this article to find further information. Source: Microsoft TechNet

Remote Operating System Installation Overview
An overview of the Remote Operating System Installation feature, which performs Change and Configuration Management tasks in Microsoft® Windows® 2000-based networks, and the Remote Installation Services (RIS) technologies it uses.

Software Deployment Using Windows 2000 and Systems Management Server 2.0
White paper explains the desktop and system management features in the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform and in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0. It also provides a comparison of the features in each product and the key questions involved in determining which technology is appropriate for use in any given organization.

Software Deployment with Windows 2000 IntelliMirror and SMS
Software management involves three phases. In Phase I we prepare software packages. We either obtain native installer packages or use scripting methods. In Phase II we distribute these script files and the source files to software distribution points. Finally, in Phase III we target client computers.

Software Installation and Maintenance
White paper describing Windows 2000 Software Installation and Maintenance, one of the key Change and Configuration Management features. Administrators can use Software Installation and Maintenance to manage software throughout the software’s lifecycle to reduce their organization’s Total Cost of Ownership for Windows 2000 Professional.

Step-by-Step Guide to User Data and User Settings
This guide includes scenarios showing the benefits of User Data Management and User Settings Management. It is designed to help administrators understand how they can use these features in their organizations.

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