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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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 Compression and Zip Utilities for Windows 2000

Our Top Picks:   
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery Size: 695K Shareware: $30.00
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery (or simply AZPR) can be used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for a ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives. Unfortunately, there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file; so the only available methods are brute-force, dictionary-based and known-plaintext attacks.
PKZip Size: 1,067K Shareware: $29.00
PKZIP is a powerful utility that provides many functions for data compression, file archival, file management, and distribution. PKZIP has led the way in industry standard .ZIP format compression since 1989, when PKWARE introduced the .ZIP file
PKZip Explorer Size: 4.12Mb Shareware: $25.00
PKZIP Explorer 1.0 is a leading edge software compression utility providing user©s with the means to easily manage, manipulate, and digitally sign (X.509-based) their .ZIP archives without leaving the Windows Explorer shell environment. PKZIP Explorer is seamlessly integrated inside Windows Explorer and fully utilizes its powerful file handling resources. User©s familiar with Windows Explorer will already understand much of the PKZIP Explorer?s underlying (e.g. drag-and-drop, cut/paste) functionality.
Ultimate Zip Cracker Size: 666K Shareware: $35.00
The Ultimate ZIP Cracker shows you the password to any password-protected ZIP, ARJ, MS-Word and MS-Excel file! Several powerful algorithms are used to search for lost passwords. Unlike many other similar programs, Ultimate ZIP Cracker allows you to make sure that your lost password will be found BEFORE you buy the program. The trial version won't actually show you the recovered password, but it WILL show you the first bytes of files in the ZIP or ARJ so you know it worked.
WinRAR Size: 589K Shareware: $35.00
WinRAR uses an original compression algorithm which allows higher compression ratios than other PC archiving tools, especially on executable files, Object libraries, large text files, and multimedia data. It supports files and archives up to 8,589 BILLION GIGABYTES in size,  provides complete support for ZIP archives, offers the ability to create and change SFX archives using default and external SFX modules, and to create a multi-volume archive as SFX.  It also features a graphic interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface, and offers a number of service functions.
WinZip Size: 1,229K Shareware: $29.00
An award winning and popular program. The optional wizard interface makes zipping and unzipping easier than ever. WinZip features built-in support for CAB files and for popular Internet file formats such as TAR, gzip, UUencode, BinHex, and MIME. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. WinZip interfaces to most virus scanners.
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Beverly Hills Software
This sites been around a long time, and they do a great job. Software is rated, and easy to find, but some days the site seems a little slow.  
Great site, although a bit tough to navigate. Literally hundreds of programs are available.


SunBelt Software
Sunbelt Software is the world's first and largest provider of 'Best of Breed' NT Utilities. You get mainframe quality tech support, and the best tools all from one source. They also have a few great mailing lists, an online Tech "University", and a tech Glossary.

Well organized, and fast. Gotta love a page that gives a "Five Cow" rating for software. However, you may have to wade through a ton of end user software before you get to applications that you may actually find useful. NT Shareware
One of our favorite sites. All of software is well organized, lists license status, price, size, download time, etc., and the site is searchable.

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