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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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 Security Utilities for Windows 2000

Our Top Picks:   

Analog X Script Defender Size: 221K Freeware
AnalogX Script Defender will intercept any request to execute the most common scripting types used in virus attacks, such as Visual Basic Scripting (.VBS), Java Script (.JS), etc and can even be configured to intercept new script extensions as needed! It's very simple to use and helps to ensure that you do not inadvertently run a script no matter what email program you use, or even if you get it via another method.
Atelier Web Security Port Scanner Size: 1,530k Shareware $30.00
An innovative network diagnostic tool that adds a new dimension of capabilities to the arsenal of network administrators, information security professionals and all people concerned with safety on PCs. It features a top-notch TCP port scanner and is the only available network tool for the Windows platform able to scan UDP ports. It includes an internal database currently reporting on 3346 ports (officially assigned, unofficially used, or currently affected by network Trojan Horses), which translates to more than 5000 references. Provides instant information about connections and listening ports; Tcp, Udp and Icmp statistics; complete routing information; IP statistics and settings; addressing information; net to media table and interfaces. and is the only known tool able to discover which programs are using ports on the PC. Even Trojan Horses that use stealth techniques and change ports frequently are easily exposed.

BackOrifice Size: 1.3Mb Freeware
Built upon the phenomenal success of Back Orifice released in August 98, Back Orifice 2000 puts network administrators solidly back in control. In control of the system, network, registry, passwords, file system, and processes. BO2K is a lot like other other major file-synchronization and remote control packages that are on the market as commercial products. Except that BO2K is smaller, faster, free, and very, very extensible. With the help of the open-source development community, BO2K will grow even more powerful. With new plugins and features being added all the time, BO2K is an obvious choice for the productive network administrator. Check out the bo2k website for for a complete list of plugins

Smart Security 2000 Size: 484k Shareware $25.00

Smart Security is a service for Windows NT and Windows 2000 which allows the administrator of the machine, or the domain, to set permissions for the local devices of the machine.  This is achieved by including users into the membership of some special user groups:  These groups can be local, or can be ©global? groups held on the server. If the user is a member of the group, then they will be allowed to use that particular local device.  If the user isn©t a member of the appropriate group, then permission will be denied, and they will not be permitted to access that device.  If there is no group relating to a particular device, then everybody has access to that device. Administrators of both the local machine, and the domain, are granted complete access to all devices. Rated 5 stars by ZDNet

SpyTech's Security Works Size: 1.3Mb Shareware $39.95
SecurityWorks consists of eight different utilities ranging from secure deletion, encryption, desktop lockdown, monitoring, to Trojan detection, hacker defense, and more (features SpyAgent Lite and NetArmor!)

SpyTech's Utilities 2000 Size: 1.2Mb Shareware $29.95
Months of hard work have made this comprehensive and easy-to-use software suite possible. SU2K presents many different utilities that range from System Administration to ISP Dialup, to File Editing. SU2K also features many sub-utilities, such as the favorite website/email/files manager and the paranoia 'cover your tracks' features for clearing your documents and browser history. Click here for a list of the fifteen utilities and other functions featured with this trial version.
Other Software Sites:

If you are looking for additional sources of Utilities, try these sites:

Beverly Hills Software
This sites been around a long time, and they do a great job. Software is rated, and easy to find, but some days the site seems a little slow.  
Great site, although a bit tough to navigate. Literally hundreds of programs are available.


SunBelt Software
Sunbelt Software is the world's first and largest provider of 'Best of Breed' NT Utilities. You get mainframe quality tech support, and the best tools all from one source. They also have a few great mailing lists, an online Tech "University", and a tech Glossary.

Well organized, and fast. Gotta love a page that gives a "Five Cow" rating for software. However, you may have to wade through a ton of end user software before you get to applications that you may actually find useful. NT Shareware
One of our favorite sites. All of software is well organized, lists license status, price, size, download time, etc., and the site is searchable.

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