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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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File Management Utilities for Windows 2000

Analog X Super Shredder Size: 231Kb Freeware
SuperShredder gives you the ability to delete files using not only common methods such as Gutmann and NISPOM (DoD), but can be completely customized to give you all the security and/or performance you may need. It can receive files via drag-and-drop onto the application or the icon, selecting files from inside the program, command line, and can even add a shortcut to your 'Send To' menu inside the Windows Explorer so it's simple to delete files in a secure and convenient fashion.
Attribute Changer Size: 1,410k Freeware
Attribute Changer is designed to make mass changes to file and folder attributes much easier. It adds itself to the context menus for drives and folders. You can establish filters and exceptions to fine tune the search process. File filters include attributes, size, creation date and time. Exceptions allow you to exclude/include files based on patterns within defined folders.
Beyond Compare Size Shareware: $30.00
Need to compare several directories across your network? The easiest and fastest way we've found is with this utility. With an easy to use GUI, Beyond Compare displays your directories side by side and  color codes orphaned and newer files. It will also synchronize both directories with just a mouse click. This little $30 piece of shareware has saved us countless hours! Winner of ZDNET's Editor's Pick award. Check out the ZD Net review here.
Clean IT Size: 163k Shareware: $13.00
Clean It is an easy to use system cleaner and more! You can add, edit, or delete any area. Plus you control all the area options including Area Name, Path To Clean, Include Filter, Exclude Filter, and you can even choose from 52 available icons. This very simple and easy to use utility will clean up your Internet Cache, History, Cookies, and more. You control the options. You control which files to delete and which to save. Clean It can be configured to clean any type of file(s) from your system. You can clean just a single file type or all the files in a single folder, a full path of folders, or from your whole system. Clean It will use to seek out and remove those unwanted files from your computer.
Directory Printer Size: 485k Shareware: $24.00
Directory Printer enables you to print or export directory listings, a capability which is not provided by Windows itself. Features include: Printing single directories or entire trees (with ability to specify the number of levels of subdirectories), choice of fields to print (long and short file name, size, date/time, attributes), sort by any of the above fields, total number and size of files, option to print summary listing (subdirectories only, without files). Print in any of three different column formats, using any available font. Ability to export to ASCII text or comma-delimited files, which can be imported into word processing, spreadsheet or database programs. Rated 5 starts by ZDNet
RenameIT Size 1,400k Shareware: $10.00
Rename-It! is a small program that will let you rename a large amount of files. It will do this fast and easily so you can get on with your work. Rename-It include help files as well as lots of examples in the online help.
Evidence Eliminator Size: 2,800k Shareware: $39.95
Buy protection for just $39.95(US) that will defeat Forensic Analysis equipment costing over $7000.00(US)! Working deep below your Windows operating system Evidence Eliminator© employs the exact same sector analysis technology as available in ultra-high-priced tools available to law-enforcement agencies, for example the FBI. After identifying and analyzing the unwanted data hidden in your drives, Evidence Eliminator© destroys it with proven methods of secure disposal similar to US Department of Defense standards for destruction of classified material.
Terminus Size: 13,300k Shareware: $30.00
Terminus is a high-performance, Government-grade file and directory destroyer that is fast, efficient, thorough, and easy to use. Capable of meeting or EASILY exceeding DoD 5220-22 M specifications for file deletion, your sensitive data can be consigned to digital oblivion to a whole new level. With the change of a single option, you can delete a file to such a level that not even extravagant means of data recovery such as tunneling electron microscopy or magnetic field residue tracing will yield any useful data. Terminus also deals with free space on fixed or removable drives with Terminus DriveWiper, and its complement, SlackWiper, takes care of data fragments lurking in the slack space, that space between the end of a file and the end of the last cluster of drive space the file uses.
WinHex Size: 371k Shareware: $29.00
WinHex is a universal hex editor, and at the same time possibly the most powerful system utility ever. Includes: Disk editor, supporting hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROM & DVD media RAM editor, providing access to other processes' virtual memory Data interpreter, knowing 18 data types, Editing data structures using templates, Concatenating, splitting, unifying, dissecting, analyzing, and comparing files Drive cloning (tolerates defective source sectors) Drive images (optionally compressed or split into 650 MB archives) Automation of file editing Sophisticated undo and backup mechanism, 128-bit encryption, 256-bit digests, CRC32, checksums Deleting confidential files irreversibly Hard drive cleansing (e.g. to eliminate evidence) Import of all clipboard formats, incl. ASCII hex values Conversion formats: Binary, Hex ASCII, Intel Hex, and Motorola S, Instant window switching. Everyday and emergency use: Inspect or repair binary files, recover deleted data or lost data from corrupt drives manually. WinHex grants access to data that other programs hide from you. Winner of ZDNet Editors choice award!
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