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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Disk Management Utilities

Our Recommendations:
Disk Analyzer Size: 380Kb Freeware
A useful freeware Windows 95/98/NT utility that allows computer owners to analyze hard disk space. It's easy to use and fast. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can make analysis of the selected drive or directory. Provides flexible summaries and sort functions so that the disk space usage information is readily accessible in a variety of ways. Published by Primasoft
DiskAlert 2.0 Size: 10.1Mb Trialware: $29.95
Automatically predict hard drive failures on servers and workstations and prevent data loss BEFORE disaster strikes! Don©t operate blind. Disk crashes are too expensive and time consuming. You need DiskAlert. DiskAlert provides EARLY WARNING of hard drive problems and alerts you by e-mail, phone, pager and screen pop-up messages the minute disks start to get into trouble. DiskAlert 2.0 Trialware - English
Disk Data Size: 533Kb Shareware: $25
DISKdata is a powerful explorer-like application for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 that analyzes disk space utilization. Selecting a disk volume or folder displays a summary of its contents in report or chart format. Statistics include file/folder actual size, allocated size, storage efficiency, storage slice, modification date, attributes, extension and version information. 
Diskeeper Size: 12.6Mb Trialware: $29.95
Diskeeper 7.0 is even faster and more ©Set It and Forget It?? than ever before. Breakthrough ©Push Install? eliminates the hidden cost of software deployment with two-click fully networkable ease. Experience as much as a 200% boost in performance consistently maintained with ©Smart Scheduling©. It?s like hiring someone to monitor your disks performance 24 / 7. Run Diskeeper on any of your Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP systems, even in a mixed O/S environment. The server version (NT/2000/XP) allows you to schedule and control defragmentation across your network. Download Free Trialware
Diskeeper Lite Size: 9.77Mb Freeware
Diskeeper Lite Plus is a fully operational, free manual-only version of Diskeeper. Diskeeper Lite Plus can rapidly analyze fragmentation levels and can run manual defragmentation but only on one disk volume at a time. All ©Set It and Forget It©? scheduling, system management functions and network controls are shown and explained, but rendered inoperative. Diskeeper Lite Plus is an ideal download for everyone serious about automating defragmentation but would like to know more about Diskeeper first. Lite Plus will help everyone select the right full-featured Diskeeper version(s) for their homes and/or business sites. Download it now!

DiskMon Size: 41k Freeware
A Windows NT/2000 device driver/GUI combination that together log and display all process activity on a Windows NT/2000 system. You can also minimize Diskmon to your system tray where it acts as a disk light, presenting a green icon when there is disk-read activity and a red icon when there is disk-write activity.
DiskState Size: 1,000Kb Shareware: $44
A powerful disk and folder management tool that allows you to quickly and easily browse through your disk drives to report on disk space usage, eliminate wasted disk space, find duplicate files, and get detailed information on all of your partitions, files and folders.
DiskSpace Explorer Home Edition Size: 799Kb $19.95
DiskSpace Explorer 3 Home Edition is a software tool for managing your hard disk space, and ensuring that you are making the most of the space you have. It helps you explore your files and folders, find wasted space and useless items, and free up valuable disk space. diskSpace Explorer features an intuitive view and click interface and a pie chart that graphically displays the contents of your hard disk. You can easily navigate through your files and folders just by clicking anywhere on the pie chart. Moving your mouse cursor over the pie chart will display detailed information about specific items of interest. A separate chart shows wasted space due to cluster size and helps you make better disk allocation decisions. You can increase your available disk space by compressing folders, by reducing the wasted space or by deleting the folders you no longer need. diskSpace Explorer can also save or print detailed disk space reports and take graphical snapshots of your hard disk contents.
OnTrack Data Advisor Size 1,989Kb Freeware
Quickly assess the health of your hard disk drive & memory (RAM) identifying potential problems that could lead to data loss. Advises you of the various options for recovering lost data, helps you avoid expensive and unnecessary downtime, and identifies potential problems when used as part of a regular preventive maintenance program.
Perfect Disk 2000 Size: 4.6Mb Shareware: $44
Although Windows 2000 comes with a "light" version of a popular defragmentation program, you may want to consider an alternative if you need something more robust. Perfect Disk 2000 is Windows 2000 certified and uses a patented technique to optimize the placement of files and free space on your drives. It can also defrag large drives that other programs choke on, and defrags most drives in a single pass. We liked this product so much, it has become the exclusive defragmenter for our labs. Published by Raxco
Other Software Sites:

If you are looking for additional sources of Utilities, try these sites:

Beverly Hills Software
This sites been around a long time, and they do a great job. Software is rated, and easy to find, but some days the site seems a little slow.  
Great site, although a bit tough to navigate. Literally hundreds of programs are available.


SunBelt Software
Sunbelt Software is the world's first and largest provider of 'Best of Breed' NT Utilities. You get mainframe quality tech support, and the best tools all from one source. They also have a few great mailing lists, an online Tech "University", and a tech Glossary.

Well organized, and fast. Gotta love a page that gives a "Five Cow" rating for software. However, you may have to wade through a ton of end user software before you get to applications that you may actually find useful. NT Shareware
One of our favorite sites. All of software is well organized, lists license status, price, size, download time, etc., and the site is searchable.

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