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Last Updated December 10, 2003

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Terminal Server Licensing

Where to Start...

Description of Terminal Services License Server Discovery
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 232520 - Describes the discovery process used by Windows 2000-based computers that are running Terminal Services to locate Windows 2000-based Terminal Services Licensing Servers.

Establishing Preferred Windows 2000 Terminal Services License Server
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 239107 - To select a specific license server for use with various Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services servers in a domain or site, you can modify the registry to point to a particular license server. You can do this to specify that all Terminal Services servers work with a particular license server for accounting purposes, or if a Terminal Services server and the license server reside in different domains.

How to Activate a Terminal Services License Server and Install CALs Over the Internet
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 237811 - The process of deploying and tracking licenses within an organization is enhanced in Windows 2000 Terminal Services. Terminal Services Licensing now includes a Licensing wizard to download license packs and manage license quantities for Windows

HOW TO: Activate a License Server by Using Terminal Services Licensing 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 306622 - This article describes how to activate a license server by using Terminal Services licensing.

How to Locate a Phone Number for the Microsoft Clearinghouse
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 291795 - This article describes how to locate the appropriate phone number for the Microsoft Clearinghouse for your country or region by using the Terminal Services Licensing tool.

How to Transfer Terminal Services CAL from One Client Computer to Another  
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 315262 - This article describes how to transfer a Terminal Services (TS) client access license (CAL) internally from one client computer to another in the same company within Terminal Services Licensing.

HOW TO: Use the Terminal Services Licensing Reporter Tool (Lsreport.exe) 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 317592 - This step-by-step article describes how to use the Terminal Services Licensing Reporter tool (Lsreport.exe) to display and analyze the license information that is contained in the database of Terminal Services license servers.

Reclaiming Terminal Server Client Licenses for Windows 95 or 98 Computers Upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 287679 - This article tells how you can reclaim Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, client licenses for computers that have been upgraded from Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

Terminal Services Internet Connector License and ASPs
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 288379 - The Terminal Services Internet Connector license allows for 200 concurrent, anonymous, non-employee connections to a Windows Terminal Server through the Internet. This license is useful for organizations that want to demonstrate Windows-based software to Internet users without making the software Web-based. Application Service Providers (ASPs) cannot use this type of license to provide a pay-for service. Furthermore, ASPs cannot offer any Microsoft products for rental or leasing in any situation without having a signed and accepted an Application Services Agreement (ASA) that is in place with Microsoft. This agreement allows Terminal Services Client Access licenses (CALs) and licenses for other Microsoft products to be allocated on a per-subscriber basis, rather than on a per-seat basis.

Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 287687 - This article describes two enhancements to Windows 2000 Terminal Services Licensing for Windows 2000 that are available as a hotfix. These two enhancements, Post Logon License Token Issuance and Automatic License Token Re-issuance, are described below.

Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements Frequently Asked Questions
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 294655 - Terminal Services Client Access Licenses (CALs) are not changed after you apply the Terminal Services Licensing Enhancements fix for Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 Terminal Services Issues in an Active Directory Domain Environment
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 250776 - Windows 2000 Terminal Services provides increased functionality for Windows 2000 domain environments, and affects all aspects of the domain environment. This article describes the affected areas, and provides links to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles

Windows 2000 Server Evaluation Version and Terminal Services Licensing
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 248650 - The Windows 2000 server family evaluation product End User License Agreement (EULA) provides the customer with 10 Terminal Services Client Access Licenses (TS CALs), together with 10 Server Client Access Licenses.

Known Bugs and Issues
Cannot Revoke Windows 2000 Terminal Services License from Client
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 271245 - After a test Terminal Services client connects to a Terminal Services-based server and obtains a valid Client Access License (CAL), the certificate license cannot be revoked and reallocated to the license pool.

Cannot Start the Terminal Server Licensing Service and Events 7024 and 37 Occur 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 312028 - On a computer that runs Windows 2000 Server, you may not be able to start the Terminal Server Licensing service. The following information may be logged in Event Viewer:

Clients with an Expired Temporary License May Be Unable to Connect to Terminal Services Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 315404 - New Terminal Server clients, Terminal Services clients, or Remote Desktop Connection clients may connect to Terminal Services correctly, but some existing clients that could previously connect may be unable to connect. If an existing client cannot connect, the following error message may be displayed on the client computer:

Terminal Services Clients Consume Multiple Terminal Services CALs Because of Storage Issues
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 294729 -  Windows-based terminals or Windows clients may consume multiple Terminal Services CAL tokens because of local storage issues.

Terminal Services License Database Size Increases 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 313567 - If the following conditions exist, the Terminal Services license database may continuously increase, and you may receive an "Event ID 43: Work Manager error can't create work item, error code 87" entry in the Event log:

Terminal Server Licensing Service Failure 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 277917 - After you install Terminal Server Licensing on a server, servers may not be listed in the Terminal Services Licensing tool, and you may receive a warning message that indicates that no license servers were detected. In the System event log,  TermServLicensing may report an error with Event ID 29, and Service Control Manager may report an Event ID 7024

Terminal Services Licensing Problems After Upgrade to Release Version of Windows 2000
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 248409 - After you upgrade an existing installation of a prerelease version of Windows 2000 to the release version of Windows 2000, the following problems may occur:

Cannot Start the Terminal Server Licensing Service and Events 7024 and 37 Occur 
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 312028 - On a computer that runs Windows 2000 Server, you may not be able to start the Terminal Server Licensing service. The following information may be logged in Event Viewer:

Terminal Services Licensing Does Not Accept a Valid License Key Pack
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 258045 - The Terminal Services Licensing server does not accept the license key pack after being activated. The activation process functions normally, however the installation of license key packs may not work when you configure the License Server

Terminal Services License Server Status Appears as UNKNOWN
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 269349 - When you try to activate a Terminal Services Licensing Server, you may receive an error message:

Terminal Services OEM License Server Activation Does Not Validate PIN or Recognize License Server ID
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 256854 - The Windows 2000 update, "Terminal Services OEM License Server Activation Failure", addresses a license server activation problem that occurs only on servers obtained through Microsoft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and configured

Windows Base Terminal Devices Take Multiple Terminal Services Client Access Licenses
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 253292 - When you are using some Windows Base Terminal (WBT) devices, additional Terminal Services licenses may be taken when the devices restart and reconnect to the Terminal Services server.

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