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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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Test Prep Software

Microsoft's exams are tough, make no mistake about it. Not only are the questions tricky, but Microsoft utilizes a number of different formats for their questions that go beyond your everyday multiple choice questions. If you're one of the thousands of people that simply do poorly on exams, test prep software can make the difference between passing and failing. 
Where to Start
Tips for choosing MCSE Test Prep Software
A good test prep software package will prepare you for the real exam by providing questions that accurately depict the questions and scenarios on the real exam - without using the exact questions. The catch-22 is that it is impossible to asses the quality of the software unless you have already taken the exam. Well never fear, we have taken the exams, and we've seen a lot of test prep tools. Here's our guide for separating the worthwhile tools from the rubbish.
Recommended Test Prep Software
The following is a list of test prep software that we've actually used and recommend to our friends:

One of the leaders in the industry, Transcender have built a solid reputation for the quality of their products and their relevance to the actual exams. Although a bit costly, their software does come with a passing guarantee and they offer free demos.

Kaplan Self Test Software
Kaplan has been in business for over 10 years, and are a Microsoft Certified Professional Test Provider Self Test Software practice tests are realistic exam simulations packed with study tools and resources based on the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) that help candidates prepare for the real exams. Standard features include learning and certification modes of study, in-depth tutorials, test history, and score reporting by objective. Advanced features found in online practice tests include live instructor mentoring and flash cards. They offer free demos and a passing guarantee.

Exam Simulators
Exam Simulators claim a 99.79% pass rate and offer a passing guarantee to back it up. Their exam software looks and feels a lot like the actual Microsoft exams, including the new interactive drag and drop questions. Free demos and screenshots are available on their website.

Additional Resources
These are additional vendors that provide test prep questions and/or software. We have not used their products and cannot provide any feedback as to their quality. We've linked them here in the interest of fairness and to help you make an informed choice between vendors. Preference has been given to established U.S. based companies that offer product guarantees.

BeachFront Quizzer
BeachFront's practice exams follows a number of formats, including an aggressive adaptive mode that finds your weak spots and continues to drill you on these topics until you get it right. They offer a demo with their test engine and feature a no-pass money back guarantee.

A large, well established company that offers a full range of MCP/MCSE/MCSA exams. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you haven't gone past the first module, regardless of if you passed the test or not.

Offers training software and test questions on a CD-ROM, at $29 per exam. They guarantee that their product is free from defects, but don't guarantee a passing score. They also offer sample tests and product screenshots.

Redmond Exams
A California based company that offers exam prep software for between $18 -$49 per exam. It includes a passing guarantee and they offer a demo exam

A Florida based company that offers MCSE practice exams averaging 60 questions for around $49. They offer a money back guarantee if you fail twice. Demos are available

Free MCSE Question Pools - MCSE Practice Exams

MS Expert
Offers free test questions for most of the Microsoft exams, if you don't mind a popup ad for each question.



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