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Last Updated December 16, 2003

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The Best MCSE Web Resources...

You could spend hours scouring the web and sifting through hundreds of useless MCP/MCSE Pages, but why bother? You could be studying, and we've done all the hard work for you. These are our picks for the most useful Windows 2000 MCSE pages on the web (in alphabetical order)
Our Favorite MCSE Sites
The home page of Dan DiNicolo, an independent contractor based out of Toronto, Canada who is also an MCSE and Microsoft Certified Trainer. His web site includes tutorials on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Active Directory, SQL Server, Network Security, Cisco, Netware, XML, Coldfusion, and more. In addition, you'll find free practice exams, and a weekly series for students taking the core Windows 2000 exams. 

An online magazine for the certified IT professional community created by publishers of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine. Covering over 80 IT certifications, their mission is to provide the best independent editorial on the Web, featuring news and insights for every step of certification process. They also provide general IT technology articles and a community environment where certified professionals can interact.   
Provides online skill assessments, discussion boards, and IT job search capabilities all in one place.
A very well done site with lots of great information. This page is so good, even Microsoft links to it from their certification and training pages! You'll also find cram sessions for Novell, A+,  and other Industry Certifications.  
Wang Wei is a published author and was one of the first MCSE study sites on the web. You'll find lots of up to date exam information and tips here.

An excellent study resource from Herb Martin. Herb is a well respected instructor and lecturer who gives seminars around the country teaching accelerated MCSE classes. His page is full of great information, book reviews, and other MCSE Links.

MC MCSE Resources   
A well designed page with free MCSE study guides, book reviews, jobs, links and exam information.

MCP Study Ring  
Still hungry for more links? Check out the sites on Brian Talbert's excellent MCP Study Ring.

A relatively new, growing, but well done resource site with lots of quality links.

MCSE Emergency Room
The home of Tom and Deb Shinder, who have authored or contributed to fifteen books on the Windows 2000 operating system, and are regular columnists at and

MCSE Tutor
Contains information and advice for people in the technology industry. The primary focus of this site is preparing people for Microsoft certification exams, but also contains information to help prepare you for the A+, Network+ and Cisco exams. The site contains links to free MCSE practice exams, MCSE book reviews, and much, much more.

Microsoft's Certification Home Page
Not sure what's required to obtain MCP or MCSE Certification? Check here first. 

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine 
If you're Microsoft Certified, you probably already get the magazine. Their web site is a gold mine of Certification resources including reviews of exams and test taking tips. Make sure you also check out their Certification Portal
The directory of over 1,400 free computer and networking tutorials for the I.T. professional.

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