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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive - April 2002
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. So we developed a small section on our front page to highlight these, and will archive the rest here.
This Month:

Consolidate Exchange 2000 Organizations
Merging multiple Exchange organizations is a trickier proposition with Exchange 2000 than with previous versions of Exchange. A phased approach can minimize the risks and provide a smooth transition for your users. Source: .NET Magazine

Virus Advancements
There is no questioning that the world of viruses is evolving. 2001 has generally been noted as the turning point by many in the anti-virus industry, revealing new technology and infection techniques that will continue to imperil corporations of all sizes in coming months... Source: InfoSecurity Magazine

Use Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2000 as a Firewall
Get step-by-step configuration instructions in this multi-media presentation. Includes information on the design of a perimeter network and making resources available to Internet users. Source:

Honeynet looks to sting hackers
A group of 30 computer security researchers who set up inexpensive "fake" networks to observe how hackers behave as they break into them are finding out about new software vulnerabilities and warning the public. Source: NetworkWorldFusion

Hotmail at Risk to Cookie Thieves
Chew on this: All an attacker needs to gain access to your MSN Hotmail account is to capture your browser cookies file. The trick involves capturing a copy of the victim's browser cookies file. Once the perpetrator gains two key Hotmail cookies, there's no way to lock him out because at Hotmail, cookies trump even passwords. What's scary about this is that once they have your cookies, they have your account forever. Even if you change your password, they can still get in. Source: Wired (April 25, 2002)

Assigning Scripts Using Group Policy in Windows 2000
In a Windows NT 4.0 domain environment, assigning scripts to users was more or less restricted to simple logon scripts. In a Windows 2000 domain, however, the power of Group Policy unleashes script deployment capabilities that make NT 4.0 pale in comparison. Source:

Load Testing Exchange 2000
If you're getting ready to implement Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server,you've probably been thinking about load testing©an important step in evaluating Exchange 2000's effectiveness in your environment. Use LoadSim to push your Exchange servers to the limit and gather a wealth of useful performance information. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine

VBScript Primer
This article is derived from the System Administration Scripting Guide, a new book that will ship as part of the Windows .NET Server Resource Kit. It has been designed to illustrate the process of starting with a very basic script, and then gradually adding more sophisticated features to it. 

How to hit spammers where it hurts
Ben Livingston sues spammers, junk faxers, and illegal automated telemarketers in small claims court, which is easy to do without a lawyer. His efforts have also reaped $5,600 still in the collection process. How to become 'a small claims warrior.' Source: InfoWorld

Got the Right Project Management Skills?
Project management skills are in demand, and can lead to increases in pay and bonuses. The current premier certification is Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional certification, but it's difficult to get and isn't focused on IT projects. Now, eWeek has learned, several IT training vendors plan to address what they see as the PMP's shortcomings by introducing streamlined, IT-focused project management training and certifications. Source: eWeek

Windows XP Baseline Security Checklists
These checklists outline the steps you should take to reach a baseline of security with Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional computers, either on their own or as part of a Windows NT or Windows 2000 domain. Source:

Practical tips for negotiating software licenses
Software vendors have created draconian licensing provisions that can push IT into a corner. Patricia Keefe uncovered practical negotiating tips from industry experts that may prove useful, particularly during the continued economic slump. Source: ComputerWorld

Securing Windows 2000 Terminal Services
The Terminal Services environment is, by definition, a thin-client architecture where all application processing occurs centrally on the server. Therefore, it is important to protect the integrity of the data stored on the Windows 2000 Server as well as the data in transit among the Terminal Services application and its clients. This paper presents the information necessary to implement strong security within your Windows 2000 Terminal Services environment. Source:

Securing Mobile Computers with Windows XP Professional
This article examines specific threats that can affect laptop computers. It also covers how the security tools and privacy services included in the Microsoft© Windows? XP Professional operating system provide solutions to combat these threats. Source:
We're all used to the usual Microsoft bashing from the "we love <insert operating system of choice>" crowd, but you don't often hear of Unix rivals battling each other with the same fervor. Until now. is a weekly publication put out by a couple of folks who work for Sun Microsystems. It is designed to poke some good-natured fun at IBM while at the same time countering the millions (and millions!) of dollars they spend on public relations and PowerPoint slides. Their goal is to shed some light on IBM's foibles, foul-ups and anti-Sun FUD while having some laughs

Are Ads a Gateway to Illegal CDs?
Gateway is showing people how to download music and movies and burn them on to CD-Rs. Heck, it's even tossing in some free blank CDs. But it's against piracy. Gateway has a singing cow to prove it. Source: Wired

Microsoft To Detail Mac .NET Plans
Reaffirming its support for the Macintosh platform and opening a bevy of new options for Apple's corporate direction, Microsoft this week is expected to announce its plans for implementing the .NET platform on the Mac OS. Source:

My Daily Virus
Why continue to run a "WildList" cataloging every virus in the world when they all show up in our inboxes anyway? ... Source: SecurityFocus (April 8, 2002)

Making Windows Client into a Server, 2002 Edition
Rumors that you can turn Windows XP into Windows .NET Server are false. Paul Thurrott offers some background information for why this rumor might have started. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine

Nuking MS Messenger
Windows XP loads MS Messenger by default and bugs you incesently to activate a Hotmail account. Oddly, there is no uninstall for it in the add/remove programs. The has been blessed with scores of memos from readers offering numerous tips for nuking Microsoft Messenger, since they reported that an update which MS is touting as 'critical' sneakily re-installs it.

RAID + Backup = Data Protection?
With RAID on your servers, adequate backup and a decent firewall, you can rest easy, knowing your data is secure © right? That's not necessarily the case. Source: ServerWorld

Introduction to IP Version 6
Due to recent concerns over the impending depletion of the current pool of Internet addresses and the desire to provide additional functionality for modern devices, an upgrade of the current version of the Internet Protocol (IP), called IPv4, is in the process of standardization. This new version, called IP Version 6 (IPv6), resolves unanticipated IPv4 design issues and is taking the Internet into the 21st Century. Source:

Financial Aid for MCSE Training Available
The U.S. Department of Education's Web site offers its Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), The offer is only available U.S. citizens or to non-citizens currently attending a select number of U.S. colleges. To view the application, go to For questions or general information, you can also call (800) 4-FED-AID (433-3243). The application deadline for the 2002 academic year ends July 1, 2002.

Terrible Training Tips 2002
Every year, compiles a list of outlandishly bad training tips as an April Fools prank. Here is the silly, deliberately awful April Fools edition of Quick Training Tips for 2002, created with the help of trainers, teachers, web designers, and support folks from around the world.

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