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Last Updated December 10, 2003

LabMice Link of the Day Archive  (October 2001)
As we surf the web in our pursuit of additional content for LabMice, we occasionally stumble upon a really cool, humorous, unusual, or very useful link that we think should stand out from the hundreds we add every week. So we developed a small section on our front page to highlight these, and will archive the rest here.
MS-DOS passed away Thursday, October 25, 2001, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Times Square in New York City. offers a brief obituary of this historical operating system. Now will anyone write a eulogy?
This article addresses actions that NT/2K administrators can take to prevent and detect malware (malicious software) installations on their systems. By taking advantage of the inherent capabilities of the operating system itself, administrators can prevent or significantly hamper malware installations, and detect when such installations occur.

Waiting for Windows XP
InfoWorld's and CSA Research's test labs put Windows XP through a few benchmark performance tests and discovered that under the same heavy load on identical hardware, Windows 2000 significantly outperformed Windows XP. XP's poor performance under heavy load should prompt industrial-strength users to stick with Windows 2000.

Red Cross e-mail donation hoax circulating
A malicious computer program is quietly making the rounds, disguising itself as an e-mail donation form for the American Red Cross while attempting to steal credit card information. Source: CNET

It's here, but is it right for your business? Tech Update looks at key Windows XP features and issues, and how they affect your company's decision to upgrade or stand pat. 

Biometrics: Is it Making a Splash Yet?
Instead of logging onto their networks with user names and the typical easily cracked passwords, about 2,000 city employees in Glendale, California now enlist their fingerprints to securely sign on to their PCs  Source: InfoSecurityMagazine

Security Patch Leads to W2K Instability
Microsoft issues a stern self-admonishment over the weekend for a botched security patch that contained errors leading to Windows 2000 system instabilities. The tone reflects Microsoft's awareness of the tense and critical atmosphere among customers and analysts about the software company's security practices. Source: ENT Online

Microsoft Corp. earlier last week announced a new system for rating the severity of security holes in its software (see story). But it also urged the security community to exercise better judgment about publicizing software vulnerabilities and detailing how they can be exploited. Source: ComputerWorld
Athlon XP model numbers puzzle salespeople, but they're not deterred from recommending AMD over Intel chips. Source: PCWorld

The Standards Puzzle
Understanding Windows and industry standards and using products that support them can help you manage your systems and network better and faster. Source: Windows & .NET Magazine

Does RRAS seem too tough, too costly, or too-time consuming to implement? Think again. Windows 2000©s Routing and Remote Access Server offers excellent solutions for dial-up clients, Network Address Translation, and more.  Source: 8Wire
Sad but True, Broadband Isn't Making the Cut, but Bob Has Reason to Believe This Isn't a Bad Thing at All. Columnist Robert X Cringley sounds off on the future of broadband, the role of the telephone companies, and where we are going next. Source:
How much are you worth?
A new online salary report allows people to calculate their market value based on 43 factors, putting the power of compensation consultants in the hands of ordinary working folk. Source: CNET
Hosting a LAN party is a great weekend group activity for all the techs in your office who enjoy gaming. If you've never hosted a LAN party before, check out this comprehensive guide by Christopher Wong. Source:  

Windows XP: Should You Upgrade?
Easier than Windows 2000 and more stable than Win Me, XP is Microsoft's biggest and most controversial OS upgrade in years. PCWorld tested it to see what works, what doesn't, and if you should make the leap. Source: PCWorld

Antivirus Options for the Small to Midsized Business
Given the number of companies struggling these past few months with Sircam, Nimda, and other attacks on their computer networks, you are well aware that you need to have some kind of antivirus solution to protect your company. If you already have AV software, you might be thinking about changing it because of manageability, compatibility, or licensing issues. This article helps you evaluate the options available and what each entails.

Prep Materials: How Much Is Too Much?
One by-product of the success of certification is an abundance of preparation materials. Here©s how to sort through the steady stream of study aids and find the tools that work for you. Source: Certification Magazine  

A Call to Arms: Network Administration in the New World
A new television public service announcement in the U.S. targets computer hacktivists with a blunt message: Uncle Sam wants you to help fight the war on terrorism. We need to ask ourselves some questions: Are we going to recruit hackers to combat cyber and real terrorism in the same manner as dropping bombs on the enemy, or will we use our resources to prevent attacks from damaging our own networks and exploiting them for attacks against others? Or both?

Intel to kill serial ports and floppy drives next year
According to The Register, Intel wants OEMs to phase out the floppy in the second half of 2002. It hopes they will pull the plug - as it were - on PS/2 and serial ports at the same time. Intel's technology roadmap also tells us we'll see Bluetooth wireless connectivity appearing on new machines, initially via a USB module, in consumer and pro PCs during the first half of next year.

Microsoft Certification: A Measure of Competence or Profit-Making Scheme?
Noted author and speaker Mark Minasi shares his thoughts on Microsoft's certification programs, the decertification of the NT 4.0 MCSEs,  and the new Windows 2000 exams. Source:  

The elements of e-mail style
This article is for people whose e-mails sometimes don't get the attention they deserve. Heed it, and you'll be writing more effective messages that get better results©faster. Ignore it, and your e-mail will continue to fade into the background of recipients' inboxes, along with the offers to "Make Big $$$ Working from Your Linen Closet!!!" Source: Darwin Magazine

Got Nimda? You're Not Alone. Now, Here's What to Do
The recent arrival of Nimda was, for many of us, a wakeup call that our NT and IIS servers weren't as secure as we thought. This article details the steps one network admin took to rid his servers of Nimda and make it harder for other unwelcome guests to get in. Source:

Active Directory Object Permissions 101
Understanding the ins and outs of AD and object permissions is no simple task, but your efforts can help avoid catastrophe. Noted author Roberta Bragg present an excellent introductory article to understanding Active Directory Permissions. Source:

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